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The Wilhelm scream is a repeatedly used stock sound effect first used in 1951 for the film Distant Drums. Actor-singer Sheb Wooley is considered to be the most likely voice actor for the scream, having appeared on a memo as a voice extra for the film.

The Wilhelm scream has been featured in many films, television programs,and video games since. Alongside a certain recording of the cry of the Red-tailed Hawk, the "Universal telephone ring"[1], the Goofy holler, the Tarzan yell and "Castle thunder", and the Howie scream, it is probably one of the best-known cinematic sound clichés.

History Edit

The Wilhelm's revival came from Star Wars series sound designer Ben Burtt, who tracked down the original recording (which he found as a studio reel labeled "Man being eaten by alligator"). Although Distant Drums was the first known use of the sound, Burtt named it after "Pvt. Wilhelm", a minor character who emitted the same scream in the 1953 film The Charge at Feather River.

Although the identity of the individual who recorded the scream (which was actually one of a series of six) remains unknown, researcher and Star Wars sound effects editor Ben Burtt uncovered documentation suggesting the scream might have been recorded by singer Sheb Wooley, who was one of the actors in Distant Drums.[1]

List of TV ShowsEdit

  • Masters of Horror
  • Primeval: Heard at least once in each episode of series 1 and in a few episodes of series 2.
  • Out of Jimmy's Head
  • The Life and Times of Juniper Lee
  • Camp Lazlo
  • Spongebob Squarepants: Heard in "The Chaperone", when the prom is ruined.
  • Battlestar Galactica (2004 TV series): Heard (muffled) as a hostage is ejected into space in "Revelations"
  • Family Guy heard in episodes "North by North Quahog", "The Perfect Castaway", "No Chris Left Behind", "Blue harvest (Family Guy)", "Something Something Something Drkside (Family Guy)","It's A Trap (Family Guy)" and "Long John Peter".
  • American Dad heard in episodes "Pilot", Roger Codger", "Meter Made" and others.
  • Class of 3000
  • The Middleman: In the first episode when The Middleman walks into the bar and he starts fighting them one of them screams the Wilhelm scream. It has been used in every subsequent episode.
  • Star Wars: Clone Wars: This show takes many sounds out of the Star Wars movies.
  • The Batman
  • Chowder: In a Trailer for The Rat Sandwich when they show Truffeles laughing like a maniac!
  • George of the Jungle: In a episode when George and his pet are watching a film (with their eyes taped open!) and in the film a tiger gets a wedgie
  • Drawn Together heard in episodes "Dirty Pranking No. 2", "A Very Special Drawn Together Afterschool Special", and "The Drawn Together Clip Show"
  • The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack
  • CSI: NY In the episode "Grand Master" when a victim is stabbed during a flashback.
  • Macross
  • The Venture Brothers - "Tag Sale You re it", "Hate Floats", "I Know Why the Caged Bird Kills", "the Buddy System" Heard when Brock Sampson attacks one of Sergeant Hatred's henchmen, "What Goes Down, Must Come Up" one of the men falls over the railing near the Titan 2 ICBM.
  • The Sunday Night Project - Used in Eastenders Sketch in the Barbara Windsor show & in the trailer for the show
  • Ranma ½
  • Anime Hall
  • The Simpsons - Used in the episode "Take 'n' Fake"
  • Squirrel Boy
  • oggy and The Cockroaches Used in the episode "Cartoons lesson"
  • Shaun The Sheep
  • zigo and sharko
  • Pink Panther and Pals In the episode"Pink! Pink! Pink! Pink!"

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