Village Roadshow Pictures is an Australian motion picture production company. It is a division of Village Roadshow, an Australian entertainment company. It makes most of its films for Warner Bros. Pictures.


Village Roadshow has been producing Australian films since the 1970s, and expanded into international film production in the late-1990s. A co-production agreement between VRP and Warner Bros. began in 1998, and has been a major success, with such films as:

VIP's second-most constant customer is Walt Disney Pictures, whose home video division was once distributed in Australia by Roadshow Home Video, with such films as:

VRP has also co-produced some movies with Paramount Pictures, the most notable being Zoolander and Down to Earth, and through a joint venture with Hoyts, Three to Tango, and Music and Lyrics (with Warner Bros.), as well as A Walk on the Moon (through Miramax Films), Disturbing Behavior (with Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer), Saving Silverman (through Columbia Pictures), Don't Say a Word (through 20th Century Fox), American Psycho (through Lionsgate), Gossip (through Universal Pictures), and Rogue (through Dimension Films).

Outside the United States, the company has had some success, with Greek films A Touch of Spice and Alter Ego, and within the Australian market, with films such as Bad Eggs, Crackerjack and Fat Pizza.

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