Turnabout Trial
Directed by Daniel Radcliffe
Produced by Larry Franco
Written by Screenplay:
Emma Watson
Shu Takumi
Starring Emma Watson
Tom Felton
Claire Danes
Kay Panabaker
Carly McKillip
Robert Redford
Jeremy Sumpter
Bob Hoskins
Music by James Horner
Cinematography Conrad Hall
Editing by Ian Crafford
Studio Cinergi Pictures
Cannon Films
Distributed by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Release date(s) 2011
Running time 225 min. (5 direct-to-video episodes)
Country United Kingdom
United States
Language English

Turnabout Trial is a 2011 direct-to-video series consisting of 5 episodes that serves as the directorial debut of Ranma ½ and Ouran High School Host Club actor Daniel Radcliffe and stars Emma Watson as Ryuichi Naruhodo and Tom Felton as Reiji Mitsurugi.

Plot summaryEdit

The first case of the game presents defense attorney Phoenix Wright at his first trial under Mia Fey's watchful eye, successfully defending his childhood friend Larry Butz for murder. However, in the game's second case, Mia is murdered for being aware of corporate blackmail, and her younger sister Maya Fey is charged with the crime because her name was found on a piece of evidence. While defending her, Phoenix is reintroduced to another childhood friend, Miles Edgeworth, who is the prosecutor for Maya's case and has established himself as a "genius" for the prosecution system. Maya is found not guilty of the crime, and becomes Phoenix's assistant in further cases, offering her channeling ability as a "Spirit Medium" of Kurain village to bring the spirit of Mia to help at critical times. Phoenix and Miles find that while they have their friendship from their youth, they continue to face off against each other in the courtroom.

In one case, Miles is charged with murder, and Phoenix steps up to defend him. It is discovered that Miles was set up by his old mentor, Manfred von Karma, who several years before had shot and killed Miles' father (which a young Miles witnessed while they were trapped in an elevator after an earthquake, though Miles had thought he himself had done it) for ruining Manfred's perfect record in court, and who was making sure that all those that knew of this were dealt with. Phoenix is able to expose Manfred's cover-up and achieve a "not guilty" verdict for Miles. After the case, Miles thinks about taking time off from his position to consider the events, while Maya announces she is going back to her home in Kurain Village to train.

The fifth case has the scientifically-minded Ema Skye begging Wright for help to defend her older sister Lana, who is on trial for murder. Using Ema's scientific help to establish evidence and the surprising prosecution help of Miles during the trial, Phoenix is able to learn that Lana Skye was blackmailed by the Chief of Police Damon Gant into covering for a murder she thought that Ema had committed several years before, labeled the SL-9 Incident, when in actuality Gant himself had committed it and pinned the blame on Ema. Ema goes to Europe and Lana willingly goes to court for being an accomplice, even though she was blackmailed.

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