The Beginning is the End is the Beginning is a slow, droning tune popularised in summer 2008 after being featured in the trailer for Watchmen (attached to The Dark Knight).

While a song in its own right, it is an alternate version of The End is the Beginning is the End, which was released as a single in support of the 1997 movie Batman and Robin and its soundtrack. This song also features on the soundtrack, as well as on The Smashing Pumpkins single release.

It was recorded in Feb-March 1997 at the Chicago Recording Company with Nellee Hooper and Chris Shepard. It is often referred to by its acronym, “TBITEITB.”

Two doom metal covers have been made: one will be performed live by the Remington Steelers during The Robert Knox Memorial Tour, while the other is a bonus track on the 1998 reissue of Danzig III: How the Gods Kill.

Guns N Roses also covered the song for the Mai the Psychic Girl soundtrack. Like Sympathy for the Devil and Oh My God, though, the track didn't make it onto Chinese Democracy.

Besides Watchmen, other trailers have used the song. The format of trailers featuring this song was standardized by the trailer for Arjuna, which was shown before Batman Begins.

List of trailers featuring this song as originally recorded by Smashing PumpkinsEdit

There is also a separate list for trailers that feature The End is the Beginning is the End, seen on the page for that song.

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