The Anti-Bill 156 Club is an adult manga by Emma Watson. Despite its adult nature, Emma was careful to avoid including nudity of any kind to avoid concerns about obscenity. However, the manga, while well-received in Japan and the United States as well as several other countries, was challenged for its ultra-violent content in more conservative countries.


The manga starts with a pilot, labeled "Chapter 0", in which we are introduced to Haruka Chiba, a boyish girl who we first see passing out anti-Bill 156 pamphlets the day after the controversial bill is passed. Days later, she sees a news report about a Bill 156-related murder. The report reveals the victim to be someone involved in anti-Bill 156 activities. Suddenly, an assassin shows up and tries to kill her, only for a handsome young man to show up and save her by knocking out the assassin. After they gather all of Haruka's manga into bookbags and put them into the man's Ram truck, the two flee just as the assassin comes to. Haruka and the man, who introduces himself as Mamoru Shihomi, go to the Tokyo Underground, where Haruka is welcomed into the ranks of the Anti-Bill 156 club.


All the characters resemble a real-life actor or actress. The resemblance is noted in each character's respective profiles.

Haruka Chiba is a boyish girl who turns activist following the passage of Bill 156. She is spirited away following an assassination attempt and becomes a member of the Anti-Bill 156 Club, an organization dedicated to opposition of Bill 156. She looks like the author, Emma Watson.

Mamoru Shihomi is a handsome young man who leads the Anti-Bill 156 Club, an outlaw organization dedicated to doing everything in their power to oppose Bill 156. He looks like Daniel Radcliffe.


  1. The Day After: Following the passage of Bill 156, the Tokyo Underground plans its first heist. Mamoru selects a manga store in Akihabara. The heist goes well, but Haruka, being the rookie she is, is almost caught by security guards. Fortunately, Mamoru spirits her away just in time, and the delivery to a young boy is a success.

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