This is a screen that is shown at the end of a VHS tape. It is widescreen static with black bars. The static part wipes down and stays like that for a few seconds and then it usually wipes down again making the black screen go back to normal, but sometimes the tape rewinds before the black screen goes back to normal. On some VCRs, this ending looks a bit different. 

Here is a list of companies that used this screen at the end.

  1. Nintendo of America INC.
  2. CBS and Blockbuster
  3. Lionel L.L.C. (From Lionel Trains)
  4. Madacy Video
  5. Children's Circle Home Video
  6. Jamboree, Inc. Video
  7. American Home Treasures
  8. Metacom, Inc. (Some Tapes Recorded in the EP Mode)
  9. Realtree Outdoor Products, Inc. (From the Monster Bucks VHS Series)
  10. Just for Kids Video
  11. Tae Bo Video (From Billy Blanks' Video)
  12. Alpha Video Distributors
  13. Heifer International (Seen on a VHS Pressing of The Promise)
  14. Cascom Home Video
  15. United American Video
  16. Rabbit Ears Home Video (Rabbit Ears Productions)
  17. Sony Wonder
  18. Random House Home Video
  19. Columbia Music Video
  20. Sony Music Entertainment
  21. Image Entertainment
  22. Brass Eagle, Inc. (Seen on a VHS of Brass Eagle Paintball 101)
  23. Totality Films, L.L.C.
  24. Ovation Home Video
  25. Bridgestone Multimedia Group
  26. ABC Video (American Broadcasting Corporation)
  27. Burbank Video
  28. Fisher Price Video (Specifically on Little People Videos and Sometimes on Other Videos)
  29. Jim Henson Video (Specifically on Fraggle Rock Videos and Sometimes on Other Videos)
  30. USAA (Seen on a 1997 VHS Pressing of Kids and Airbags)
  31. GRB Entertainment (Seen on a VHS Pressing of War Dogs: America's Forgotten Heroes)
  32. Hanna-Barbera Home Video (Seen on a 1991 VHS Pressing of Hanna Barbera's Festival of Fun)
  33. Word Entertainment (Seen on a 2000 VHS Pressing of VeggieTales: Madame Blueberry)
  34. Hallmark Home Entertainment (Seen on a 2001 VHS Pressing of Jim Henson’s Jack and the Beanstalk: The Real Story)
  35. Manhattan Entertainment (from Manhattan Home Video)
  36. Allied Artists Home Video
  37. Brentwood Home Video
  38. Barney Home Video
  39. Vision Forum Video
  40. Lyrick Studios (Seen on a 1997 VHS pressing of Barney: Waiting for Santa, and some other tapes like Francesco’s Friendly World, Wishbone, the 1996 VHS of Kids for Character and others)
  41. Tommy Nelson (Seen on a 2000 VHS pressing of Little Dogs on the Prairie: Pride Prejudice and Fudge)
  42. PolyGram Video
  43. Hi-Tops Video
  44. ZonderVan Video
  45. 3-G Home Video
  46. National Geographic Video
  47. D.K. Vision (Dorling Kindersley)
  48. Barron's Home Video
  49. WWE Home Video (from WWF Home Video)
  50. MNTEX Entertainment
  51. Living Arts/Gaiam
  52. HBO Video (from Miscellaneous Home Video)
  53. VidAmerica, Inc.
  54. Publisher's Choice Video
  55. Imperial Entertainment Corp
  56. Republic Pictures Home Video (Some Promo Copies Recorded in EP)
  57. WorldVision Home Video (Some AVON Copies Recorded in EP)
  58. Vestron Video (Seen on an EP Mode Pressing of Gleaming the Cube Demo Tape, and the 1993 AVON Pressing of Where the Red Fern Grows)
  59. Strand Releasing Home Video (Seen on a pressing of Psycho Beach Party, perhaps among other tapes)
  60. Lettuce Entertain You, Inc. (Some EP Mode Copies)
  61. Les Films Séville Pictures (Canada) (Specifically seen on an EP Mode pressing of Air Bud)
  62. Paramount Home Video (Canada)
  63. Columbia/Tristar Home Video (Canada)
  64. Buena Vista Home Video (Seen on Pressings of Schoolhouse Rock Videos and the ESPN Videos)
  65. Starmaker Entertainment
  66. Strand VCI Entertainment
  67. Strand Home Video
  68. Video Treasures
  69. Anchor Bay Entertainment (Specifically on Thomas the Tank Engine Videos and Sometimes on Other Videos)
  70. City Productions Home Video (Seen on the 1994 VHS Pressings from A Tour of United States Capitals)
  71. Saltin Maxum Housewares (Seen on a VHS Pressing of George Foreman’s Lean Mean Fat Reducing Grilling Machine)
  72. National Fire Protection Association (Seen on the VHS Pressing of Sparky's ABC's of Fire Safety)
  73. Wet Cement Productions, Inc. (Seen on the Pressings of the Ewe Know Videos)
  74. Questar Home Video
  75. Feature Films for Families
  76. Cabin Fever Entertainment (Seen on the AVON pressing of Lonesome Dove, perhaps on some AVON copies Recorded in EP)
  77. New Horizons Home Video (Recorded in the SP/EP Mode on Some Screening Copies)
  78. Diamond Entertainment Corporation
  79. Sparrow Communications Group (from Sparrow Home Video)
  80. Silver Screen Video
  81. Simitar Entertainment
  82. Holt Rinehart Winston (Canada)
  83. M3D Studios, Inc. (Music in 3 Dimensions) (Seen on Some Really Rare M3D Videos that was Recorded in the EP/SLP Mode)
  84. Platinum Disc Corporation
  85. Direct Source Special Products, Inc.
  86. SBR, Inc. (Recorded in the SP/EP Mode)
  87. The Biltmore Company (Seen on a VHS Pressing of Biltmore Estate: Discover a Guilded Age Christmas)
  88. The Colgate-Palmotive Company
  89. Prentice Hall (Distributed by Pearson Prentice Hall Video)
  90. Scott Foresman Addison Wesley (Specifically on Mathmatazz Videos and Sometimes on Other Videos)
  91. Marshmallow Marketing Video Corporation (Recorded in the EP Mode)
  92. Rhino Home Video (Specifically Seen on My Little Pony Videos)
  93. The Incredible World of DiC Home Entertainment (from Sterling Entertainment Group)
  94. Xenon Entertainment Group
  95. Sterling Entertainment Group
  96. Gemstone Entertainment
  97. Front Row Entertainment
  98. Palm Beach Entertainment
  99. ADV Films
  100. DiC Toon-Time Video (Specifically on Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog Videos and Sometimes on Other Videos)
  101. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment (Seen on the Pressings of M*A*S*H The Complete Seasons, as well as the 1999 British pressing of The Simpsons: Oh Brother Where Art Thou? perhaps among other tapes)
  102. Warner Home Video (Seen some Pressings of The Bourne Identity (Rare EP Mode Copy), Thumbelina, The Avengers, City of Angels, Wrongfully Accused and the Canadian Pressing of Stephen King’s It, perhaps among other videos)
  103. Walt Disney Home Entertainment (Specifically on the Baby Einstein Videos and Sometimes on Other Videos, Rare Tape Pressings of Growing Up With Winnie the Pooh: Friends Forever VHS Has Not Found It Yet, Seen on a VHS Pressing of Disney Institute Vacation Planning Video)
  104. Turner Home Entertainment (Some AVON Copies Recorded in EP)
  105. VCI (Video Collection International) (UK, From Other Videos On Any ALF UK Tapes)
  106. Lollipop Video (From the UK VHS Pressing of ALF: The Animated Series - A Mid- Goomer Night’s Dream And Bone Losers)

This is a recreation of what it looks like. (2 pieces of the static are missing)


2nd Recreation of Strange VHS Ending for Shot