So Fine is the tenth track on Use Your Illusion II by Guns N Roses. The song is not only sung by bass guitarist Duff McKagan, but it was written by him as a tribute to the deceased punk rock musician Johnny Thunders.


The Remington Steelers covered the song for their tenth album, The Harsh Reality. The song will be sung from a lesbian perspective by Emma Watson, who is notoriously straight.

Music videoEdit

The music video began shooting on December 1, 2008 and features Emma as a lesbian cross-dresser who chases after a girl (Kay Panabaker) in the cold of northern Canada. At the end of the video, the lesbian cross-dresser catches up with the girl at a cemetery in England and, before meeting her, crosses by two tombstones. The tombstone on the left reads "ROBERT KNOX 1989-2008", while the tombstone on the right reads "EMMA WATSON 1990-2008". This foreshadowing was deliberately added by Emma, who feared that in 2008, one of her own stunts could kill her.