Shadow of Your Love is a song by the American rock n' roll band Guns N' Roses.

The song appears on the band's 1987 live Japan-only album "EP (Live from the Jungle)", at a length of 3:06. It is one of the oldest songs by GN'R, predating their seminal-debut album Appetite for Destruction, and was one of Steven Adler's favourite tracks. He expressed disappointment when the song did not make the final cut for AFD.

Shadow of Your Love exists in a number of versions. One lasts for 2 minutes, 43 seconds and begins with Axl Rose singing Wake up, it's time to play at the beginning. A remixed version exists and lasts 3 minutes. This remix can be found with overdubbed crowd noises (similar to the songs on the band's 1986 EP Live Like A Suicide). Rose and Izzy Stradlin's pre-Guns N' Roses band Hollywood Rose recorded this song and it can be found on the 2004 album of demos Hollywood Rose: The Roots Of Guns N' Roses.


The Remington Steelers covered this song for the 2008 film Sailor Moon Stars. It is featured prominently, especially during the Tokyo Bay area patrol scenes, among them the first patrol (which saw Usagi Tsukino, Haruka Teno, and Shingo Tsukino dodging lasers and Usagi placing a victim of brainwashing under citizen's arrest) and the patrol where Usagi and the gang is chasing Tin Nyanko. The song is featured on the Sailor Moon Stars soundtrack and was performed live regularly by the Remington Steelers in 2006 and 2008. A music video incorporates the Tokyo Bay area patrol scenes, fight scenes, and original concert footage.