Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Special
Genre Anime
Creator Naoko Takeuchi
Bill Kelly (Enchanted characters)
Directed by Junichi Sato (Japanese)
Don Hall (English)
Produced by Steve Loter
Cecile Frot-Coutaz
Neal Shapiro
Written by Fumihiko Shimo (Japanese)
Joe Eszterhas (English)
Starring Emma Watson
Rupert Grint
Jennifer Tilly
Robert Pattinson
Amy Adams
Patrick Dempsey
Timothy Spall
Tony Todd
Music by John Williams
Country United States
Language Japanese
Original channel PBS
Release date May 28 2011
Running time 120 minutes

Sailor Moon 20th Anniversary Special is a 2011 TV special produced by Toei Company Ltd., Walt Disney Television Animation, FremantleMedia, and WNET New York.


The Sailor Senshi, Mamoru, Luna, and Artemis go on a well-earned vacation to the Big Apple shortly after their fight against Chaos. There, they meet new friends, including Andalasia Fashions co-owners Giselle and Robert Philip and self-help author Nathaniel. Unknown to them, an all-new, even deadlier enemy than Chaos, Omega, is about to wreak havoc on New York City, forcing the Sailor Senshi back into action once again.


Character Japanese English
Sailor Moon Kotono Mitsuishi Emma Watson
Sailor Mercury Aya Hisakawa Madonna Ciconne
Sailor Mars Ayana Taketatsu Grey DeLisle
Sailor Jupiter Emi Shinohara Pamela Anderson
Sailor Venus Rica Fukami Kirsten Dunst
Luna Keiko Han Emily Watson
Artemis Kappei Yamaguchi Nicolas Cage
Tuxedo Kamen Toru Furuya Robert Pattinson
Sailor Uranus Rupert Grint Rupert Grint
Sailor Neptune Masako Katsuki Jennifer Tilly
Sailor Pluto Megumi Nakajima Cree Summer Francks
Sailor Saturn Yuko Minaguchi Naelee Rae
Giselle Philip Satoko Kimura Amy Adams
Robert Philip Yasuhiko Nemoto Patrick Dempsey
Nathaniel Akihiko Ishizumi Timothy Spall
Omega Kenta Miyake Tony Todd


By the time the special was produced, Chiyoko Kawashima and Michie Tomizawa had retired from voice acting, Elijah Wood's voice had already deepened, and Madeline Kahn had died. They were replaced by Megumi Nakajima, Ayana Taketatsu, Rupert Grint, and Jennifer Tilly, respectively. Junichi Sato was well aware of Kahn's passing, and he ordered Fumihiko Shimo to refrain from writing Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune out of the special, as Kahn would've wanted the character to move on. Tilly was cast after several professional actresses auditioned for the part. The special starts with a 30-second video tribute to Kahn featuring Michiru/Sailor Neptune, with a freeze frame on the final clip as "In memory of MADELINE KAHN" is displayed.

Also, Mickey Rourke had grown too old to effectively continue voicing Mamoru Chiba/Tuxedo Kamen, and after a week of auditions, Robert Pattinson got the part. B.J. Ward, Cyndi Lauper, Megumi Ogata, and Yasuhiro Takato elected not to reprise their roles. Naelee Rae was cast as Sailor Saturn following auditions. Lauper and Ogata stepped aside to let Emma Watson and Rupert Grint, the latter who is able to effectively copy Ogata's voice naturally, fill their respective shoes. Kappei Yamaguchi was cast as Artemis following his appearance in Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon.

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