This is a list of all releases of Rosario+Vampire Part 3 on home video, past, present, and future.


Betamax and VHS (2012)Edit

  1. 1981 Wizard Video warning screen
  2. 1981 Wizard Video logo
  3. 1984 WNET New York ident
  4. 1985 CPB tag
  5. 1985 Public Television Stations tag
  6. 2000 Walt Disney Pictures logo
  7. 1992 Cinergi Pictures logo
  8. 1998 Village Roadshow Pictures logo
  9. Main feature
  10. 1986 Buena Vista Pictures Distribution in-credit notice
  11. 1985 CPB tag
  12. 1985 Public Television Stations tag
  13. 1984 PBS ident
  14. 1985 Walt Disney Pictures logo
  15. Lightning Video disclaimer

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