The Robert Knox Memorial Concert is an open-air concert to be held on November 21, 2008 at Castle Donington. The concert is a tribute to the late Robert Knox, who appeared in Hana-Kimi (or, For You in Full Blossom), Bleach, and Mahoraba, with all proceeds going to knife crime prevention.


Following Robert Knox's death at the hands of Chav muggers on May 24, 2008, his father, Colin Knox, Rupert Grint, and Emma Watson came together with former Guns N Roses manager Alan Niven to organize an open-air concert to celebrate the life of Knox, as well as spread awareness of knife crime.

On September 4, 2008, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson announced plans for the concert. When tickets finally went on sale, all 72,000 tickets sold out in just under two hours, even though no performers were announced apart from the Remington Steelers. Only after the last ticket was sold did the group announce their co-performers.


Both Rupert and Emma cross-dressed this time around: Rupert was wearing a sailor fuku, baggy socks, and buckle shoes, while Emma was wearing a leather jacket, a GNR T-shirt (featuring a skull with a top hat as seen on the 2-page spread on the UYI II CD booklet), blue jeans, and boots--all designed for men. Rupert, Emma, Kay Panabaker, Michie Tomizawa, and Chisaki Hama occasionally did backup dancing during select songs.

The concert was divided into two acts due to the length. Everyone used the same drum kits and keyboards, though guitarists and bassists had to bring their own equipment (for example, Emma brought her Gibson Les Paul guitar and Marshall JCM 900 amp to the concert). When asked about her amp at the end of the concert, Emma quoted Nigel Tufnel of Spinal Tap, saying, "That's nine more, innit?"

Due to Velvet Revolver being one vocalist and one keyboardist short, Rupert, Emma, Dizzy Reed, and Spike Edney assisted with either lead vocals or keyboards during Velvet Revolver's performances.

The concert was broadcast live on MTV.


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