Pull My Finger is a strange sound that is heard at the end of a videocassette. It is also called the Moaning Sound.

It is a blare that is heard for 5 seconds over a black screen, then either static appears on-screen, and/or the tape stops and rewinds. Sometimes, the sound plays twice. There are also two variants where this blare is heard on the same background as the Rank Video Services America test pattern (White Screen of Death), and also a combination of the white screen variant and the 2 times variant, but this blare is heard 2 times on the other variant (which has this blare heard 2 times).

This is mostly on tapes from companies like:

  1. Pacific Arts Video
  2. Columbia Pictures Home Entertainment (especially on 1982 VHS tapes that have the normal 1000hz WSOD, like Union City)
  3. RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video
  4. Columbia TriStar Home Video
  5. SVS Triumph
  6. Sony Wonder
  7. Paramount Home Video
  8. Warner Home Video (on some pressings of Batman and some prints of other tapes)
  9. MGM Home Entertainment (on some pressings of the 1998 30th Anniversary THX VHS of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang)
  10. Vidmark Entertainment
  11. MCA Videocassette, Inc. (especially on 1980-1983 VHS tapes that have the normal 1000hz WSOD, like Same Time Next Year)
  12. MCA Home Video
  13. MCA/Universal Home Video (some tapes)
  14. CBS/Fox Video
  15. Key Video
  16. D.K. Vision (Dorling Kindersley)
  17. Goodtimes Home Video (on some pressings of Ron)
  18. Playhouse Video
  19. Fox Video
  20. Golden Book Video
  21. Avid Home Entertainment
  22. Family Home Entertainment
  23. International Video Entertainment
  24. LIVE Home Video
  25. Brentwood Home Video
  26. VideoVisa Video
  27. Random House Home Video
  28. View Master Video
  29. MSD Video

 How to Find a Tape With This Ending Edit

  • To find White Screen of Death and the Moaning Sound at the end of a tape, make sure that there's a sticker under the tape label and no barcode on the tape guard.