Puella Magi Madoka Magica (魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Madoka Magika?, "Magical Girl Madoka of the Magus") is a Japanese anime television series produced by Shaft and Aniplex. The series is directed by Akiyuki Shinbo and written by Gen Urobuchi with original character designs by Ume Aoki, character design adaptation by Takahiro Kishida and music by Yuki Kajiura.[1] The first ten episodes aired in Japan on TBS and MBS between January 6, 2011 and March 10, 2011, while the final two episodes were delayed until April 21, 2011 due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami. A manga adaptation of the series and two spin-off manga series, Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice (魔法少女かずみ☆マギカ〜The innocent malice〜 Mahō Shōjo Kazumi Magika: The Innocent Malice?) and Puella Magi Oriko Magica (魔法少女おりこ☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Oriko Magika?), are currently being published by Houbunsha. A novelisation by Nitroplus is also being produced.[2]


There exist strange creatures who have the power to grant one wish to each chosen girl. However, in exchange, that girl must then become a Puella Magi, a girl with magical powers, and fight against witches, evil creatures born from darkness that are responsible for murders and suicides. In the city of Mitakihara, a schoolgirl named Madoka Kaname and her friend Sayaka Miki are approached by a familiar named Kyubey, who offers to grant each of them one wish in return for making each of them a Puella Magi. Another Puella Magi named Homura Akemi tries to prevent Madoka from making such a deal, while Kyubey urges Madoka by telling her she will become the most powerful Puella Magi. However, contrary to glamorous notions of being a magical girl, a Puella Magi finds herself dealing with death, isolation, agony over the value of her wish, and existential crises. Madoka, following her friends, soon sees the darker side of being a Puella Magi, and because of knowing the truth about being a Puella Magi, she questions if she should become one as well.

The spin-off manga, Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice, takes place in Asunaru City and follows a amnesiac Puella Magi named Kazumi who, along with a Puella Magi band known as the Pleiades Saints, battles against an evil Puella Magi named Yuri.

Puella Magi Oriko Magica is a spin off of the main series, in which Mami Tomoe and Kyōko Sakura, along with a young orphaned girl named Yuma Chitose, find themselves up against a Puella Magi pair, Oriko Mikuni and Kirika Kure, who are hunting any other Puella Magi.[3]




Main charactersEdit

Madoka Kaname (鹿目 まどか Kaname Madoka?)
A 14-year-old girl who comes from an extremely loving family. Her life changes when she encounters the Puella Magi Homura and the familiar Kyubey, who offers to transform her into a Puella Magi herself. She sees herself as a person without special qualities or talents, and after seeing Mami fighting against witches, wants to be a wonderful and cool Puella Magi like her. Following Mami's death, she becomes uncertain about becoming a Puella Magi, becoming more so as the dark secrets of being a Puella Magi are revealed to her. She is kind, gentle, averse to fighting, and wishes that everyone would get along, sometimes even putting her own life at risk to help others. In previous timelines that Homura had experienced, Madoka had become a Puella Magi, wielding a magic bow and arrow. According to Kyubey, Madoka is capable of becoming the strongest Puella Magi and subsequently most terrible witch, capable of destroying the world and giving him the energy he desires, which is why he is most interested in forming a contract with her. The wishes she made in previous timelines to become a Puella Magi are mostly unknown, though in the drama CD, it is revealed her wish in the first timeline was to save an injured cat. In the final episodes, Madoka goes to the Walpurgis Night to save Homura Akemi from her grief and turning into a Witch. Madoka has immense magical potential because of all the misfortune Homura and others have gone through for her sake in various time loops. Any wish could be granted, no matter how impossible, so she wishes that she could erase every witch before it was born, in the past and future. She fires a huge arrow, sending herself through time and space to stop the birth of every witch by removing the grief from the Soul Gems of every dying Puella Magi. After taking all of their grief, her Soul Gem, possessing so much taint, turns into a planet-sized Witch that envelops all of Earth. Her wish is still fulfilled, when another, more seemingly mature and stronger version of herself, shoots a finishing arrow at it, completely destroying the final Witch. Madoka's destruction of her own witch finally erases the Magi-Witch cycle and rewrites the laws of the universe. Madoka herself becomes a godlike entity, present at every moment in every timeline but sealed away from human perception and memory. Now, instead of Witches, a Demon is hunted by a Puella Magi, who bears no risk of becoming witches. When a Puella Magi runs out of power, Madoka comes for her tainted Soul Gems and they simply disappear. Only Homura Akemi retains any memory of Madoka Kaname, and wears her ribbons to remember.
Homura Akemi (暁美 ほむら Akemi Homura?)
A Puella Magi who first appears in Madoka's dream, and then transfers into her school the day after the dream causing Madoka to question if she has met Homura at some point before but does not remember it. A beautiful yet mysterious individual who performs exceptionally well in school, be it academically or athletically, making her popular at school despite her awkward personality. She is in fact from another timeline where she was a shy and weak transfer student who befriended Madoka and eventually discovered that she was a Puella Magi. When Madoka was killed by Walpurgisnacht, Homura made a contract with Kyubey and became a Puella Magi in exchange for being allowed to travel back in time and relive her first meeting with Madoka so she can protect her. With each time loop, Homura grows more skilled and confident, and learns more about Kyubey and the nature of a Puella Magi. However, each time her attempts to work with the other Puella Magi or reveal the truth to them backfire, and she ultimately fails to prevent Madoka's death or transformation into a Witch, triggering another time loop. Her experiences have left Homura cold and withdrawn and, after she is asked by Madoka to save her from being tricked by Kyubey, she tries to prevent her from becoming a Puella Magi in the first place. Her only objective is to protect Madoka, who she views as her one true friend, though she will also protect others to spare Madoka the trauma of their deaths. Her actions to keep Madoka from becoming a Puella Magi often confuse Madoka, ranging from coldly "killing" Kyubey or telling her to forget or give up on Sayaka after becoming a Puella Magi, actions that seem cruel beyond Madoka's comprehension, to crying and begging Madoka not to belittle herself into thinking that her life is average and to not disregard the people that care for her, which unbeknownst to Madoka includes Homura herself. Her Puella Magi weapon is a shield, which allows her to freeze time for a short duration, allowing her to move and attack at impossible speeds. However, this power becomes useless if she is physically restrained, because time would also stop for the person touching her. She can also use the shield to block various projectiles and store an infinite amount of various weapons she carries. Because her shield has no offensive capability, she instead attacks using stolen firearms and homemade explosives. During the final two episodes, she reveals to Madoka the truth about how she met and tried to save Madoka time and time again. Kyubey tells Homura that the reason Madoka has so much magical potential is because she is surrounded by all the misfortune she endured in each timeline, reason being that she is the focal point of it all. The same goes for Homura, being the other focal point, and all the grief she is being put through will only force her Soul Gem to become a Grief Seed. In the final episode, Madoka appears in the Walpurgis Night and tries her best to cheer up Homura before she becomes a Witch or repeats the same month again. Homura speaks with Madoka before she has to leave, and is given her red ribbons to remember her by before Madoka departs. In the newly recreated universe, Homura wears Madoka's red ribbons and fights Demons instead of Witches. She now wields a bow very similar to Madoka's and has a large pair of wings that appear in battle. She continues to fight into the distant future, growing in power and always kept company by faint reminders of Madoka's presence.
Sayaka Miki (美樹 さやか Miki Sayaka?)
Madoka's classmate who, after helping Madoka rescue Kyubey, ends up getting an offer to become a Puella Magi herself. She cares deeply for her friends, and wants to help an ill boy named Kyōsuke Kamijō, whom she has a crush on. Before becoming a Puella Magi, Sayaka wields a baseball bat that Mami can enhance with magic to defend herself with while on witch hunts. She becomes a Puella Magi after using her wish to cure Kyōsuke's hand, which was damaged in an accident which robbed him of his ability to play the violin. Sayaka's weapon of choice is a cutlass and, like Mami, she can produce multiple cutlasses at a time. She also has regenerative powers stronger than anyone else due to the healing nature of her wish. Sayaka hates people who think only of themselves while hurting others and believes all Puella Magi except Mami to be selfish, so that she becomes incredibly distrustful and even hateful towards others. When she learns from Kyubey that her Soul Gem, like all others, is a container for her soul, leaving her body without one and restructured to be able to sustain the injuries that come from being a Puella Magi, she falls into deep despair and feels unworthy to be near Kyōsuke, since she isn't truly human and just a shell of her former self. After her friend Hitomi confesses she also has feelings for Kyōsuke, Sayaka gives up her human life and disregards everything but her duties as a Puella Magi. Disheartened, she comes to believe that the meaning of being a Puella Magi is that her wishes to make someone happy will make someone else equally unhappy in return. Sayaka disregards the Grief Seeds she obtains, thinking of them as the only goal for "selfish" Puella Magi and often giving them away. By doing so, she never cleanses her Soul Gem, not even when one is freely offered to her by Homura, thinking it a gesture of pity rather than of help. This causes her Soul Gem to transform into a Grief Seed and herself into a witch, the exact opposite of her desire to fight witches for the good of others. Although Kyōko and Madoka attempt to save her by calling out to her humanity while in Witch form, their efforts are unrewarded and Kyōko sacrifices herself in order to stop her. It seems to be her destiny to turn to a witch quickly if she becomes a Puella Magi as in one time line she turned into a witch, in the last episode she ends up sacrificing herself, as if by destiny she end up dying when becoming a Puella Magi.
Mami Tomoe (巴 マミ Tomoe Mami?)
A Puella Magi contracted to Kyubey and a third year student at Madoka's school, living alone in a penthouse after her parents' deaths. She has the ability to produce a near-infinite amount of flintlock rifles which look like Tanegashima, she can also use ribbons to suspend her enemies, and is also able to perform healing magic. Kyubey approaches her after being involved in a serious car accident, which claimed the lives of her parents, so she was forced to use her wish to save her own life. Unlike other Puella Magi, who mostly focus on obtaining valuable Grief Seeds, Mami is particularly focused on saving those around her. Distrustful of Homura, she threatens her and possibly willingness to kill if needed be. Though her outward disposition is cheery and friendly, she is aware of the dangerous aspects and possibility of losing her life as a Puella Magi and feels isolated and alone with no one to turn to that will understand her problems and offer comfort. When Madoka offers to become her partner and save her from her loneliness, she cries tears of joy. However, she is killed immediately after during a battle with a witch, a fact that weighs heavily on both Madoka and Sayaka and disillusions the glamorous notions of being a Puella Magi. According to Kyubey, she never knew the truth concerning the Soul Gems and origins of Witches. In a previous timeline erased from memory by Homura, learning these truths drove Mami insane and she attempted to murder all other Puella Magi, regardless of their friendships, to prevent them from becoming Witches, only to be killed by Madoka.
Kyōko Sakura (佐倉 杏子 Sakura Kyōko?)
A veteran Puella Magi who comes to the city following Mami's death. Her distinguishing features include long red hair, twin fangs and a voracious appetite, almost never being seen without food. She came from a poor church family and used her wish so that people would listen to her father's preaching; however, when her father learned of this, he went mad and killed his entire family. As such, Kyōko decided only to use her magic for herself, since using it for others will only cause despair. Having grown up in a poor family, she often has to steal food and hates people who waste it, a logic she also applies to Grief Seeds, as she only goes after fully grown witches. Kyōko has been a Puella Magi much longer than the others, and thus is more skillful; she wields a spear which can extend itself, split into multiple sections, and produce a ball at the end of a chain, which can constrict and hit others at the same time. She also has the ability to put up barriers to protect others or keep them from interfering. She initially clashes with Sayaka for allegedly taking claim to the area Mami looked after, but after learning the truth about Soul Gems, she sympathizes with her and tries to help her. After Sayaka becomes a witch, she becomes determined to save her but ultimately sacrifices herself in order to stop her, overloading her soul gem to create a massive explosion that kills them both. While doing so, Kyōko shows little regret for her decision, smiling while talking to Sayaka and telling her that she understands the pain of being alone and that everything will be okay since she will be with her. In a previous timeline she was killed by Mami in despair after Mami learned the truth about Witches.
Kyubey (キュゥべえ Kyūbē?) / Incubator (インキュベーター Inkyubētā?)
An extra terrestrial being posing as a familiar who can grant any wish to a certain girl, on the condition that she become a Puella Magi and fights against witches. When the chosen girl makes a contract with him, he extracts her soul and places it inside a Soul Gem, reconstructing their body a shell that's more resilient in order to fight witches. Having made contracts with several girls, he constantly tries to get Madoka to make a contract with him, as she allegedly possesses great magical potential within her that would allow her to become the most powerful Puella Magi. It appears he can only be seen or heard by Puella Magi and those with "magical" potential. Kyubey's true name is Incubator, and comes from a "race" whose goal is to find and gather a form of energy to counter entropy and prevent the impending heat death of the universe, developing a technology to turn emotions into this energy. After evaluating many species throughout the universe, the Incubators find that the souls of humans, specifically girls in their second span of growth, puberty, contain the most powerful form of this energy. This energy is the strongest when a girl raised as a Puella Magi's Soul Gem turns into a Grief Seed, and then can be collected and used towards preventing entropy. Kyubey claims his race lacks emotions and has little understanding of human values and morality, not understanding why the death of one human among billions is viewed so catastrophically, instead believing the Incubators' actions are not cruel but utilitarian in nature. Kyubey has an unknown number of bodies; when one is killed, another body appears and devours the destroyed body.

Supporting charactersEdit

Hitomi Shizuki (志筑 仁美 Shizuki Hitomi?)
Madoka and Sayaka's classmate and friend, (quite popular with the boys). She sometimes feels left out of Madoka and Sayaka's friendship. At one point in the plot, she and numerous other people receive Witch's kisses and attempt to commit suicide by entering a warehouse and starting a reaction of bleach and ammonia, producing chlorine gas. This attempt is subverted by Madoka, who throws the reaction container out a window before anyone is killed. It is later revealed that she is also in love with Kyōsuke, and her confidence in being able to confess her feelings outshines Sayaka's own insecurities of possessing a soulless body, partially contributing to the latter's despair.
Kyōsuke Kamijō (上条 恭介 Kamijō Kyōsuke?)
A disabled boy whom Sayaka constantly visits in hospital. He used to be a violin player, but an accident crippled him and destroyed the feeling in his fingers, making him unable to play an instrument again. Sayaka uses her wish to cure his hand, allowing him to play the violin once more. After Sayaka disappears, he vaguely remembers her presence as seen from his concert.
Juńko Kaname (鹿目 詢子 Kaname Juńko?)
Madoka's mother, an executive who wears a lot of makeup and sometimes comes home drunk, making it hard to wake her up in the morning. Aside from this, she is a caring and gentle person and often gives Madoka advice whenever she is troubled.
Tomohisa Kaname (鹿目 知久 Kaname Tomohisa?)
Madoka's father, who seems to be the one in charge of the house.
Tatsuya Kaname (鹿目 タツヤ Kaname Tatsuya?)
Madoka's younger brother. He is the only other person to remember Madoka's existence after her disappearance.
Kazuko Saotome (早乙女 和子 Saotome Kazuko?)
Madoka's teacher, who constantly has trouble keeping a boyfriend. She is good friends with Junko.

Puella Magi Kazumi Magica charactersEdit

Kazumi (かずみ?)
The main protagonist of Puella Magi Kazumi Magica and a Puella Magi with no memories besides her name, though she slowly starts to regain her memories as she fights alongside her friends, Umika and Kaoru. She wears bells on her ears that can sometimes change things according to her wishes, and an ahoge that allegedly can detect witches. She often judges people to be bad or good depending on whether they waste food. When transformed, she dons a black outfit with a witch's hat and fights using a large cross. As a result of her memory loss, she does not remember the wish she made as she never told Umika or Kaoru what is was.
Umika Misaki (御崎 海香 Misaki Umika?)
Kazumi's friend and a middle school student who lives in her home with Kazumi and Umika and is also a Puella Magi who is part of a seven girl group known as the Pleiades Cluster. She is a best-selling novelist as a result of using her wish to meet with an editor who would recognize her talent. She uses a magical book which allows her to read a witch's mind, allowing her to determine its weakness. Whenever she has writer's block, she grows horns and enters a fierce cooking phase before going on a shopping spree.
Kaoru (カオル?)
Umika and Kazumi's friend, a Puella Magi who lives with them. She enjoys playing soccer and used her wish to get a healthy body, giving her great physical strength.
Mirai Wakaba (若葉 みらい Wakaba Mirai?)
One of the Pleiades Cluster, who often acts like a rich kid and tends to whack Kazumi on the head whenever she doubts herself.
Satomi Usagi (宇佐木 里美 Usagi Satomi?)
A polite Puella Magi. She used her wish to gain the ability to talk to animals as she wants to become a vet when she grows up.
Saki Asami (浅海 サキ Asami Saki?)
An intelligent Puella Magi who is usually the brains of the group.
Nico Kanna (神流 ニコ Kanna Niko?)
A slow-witted Puella Magi who often speaks in blunt statements.
Jubey (ジュゥべえ Jūbē?)
An incubator who contracted the Pleiades Saints, turning them into magical girls. He can absorb the darkness from Soul Gems directly into his black fur.
Yūri Asuka (飛鳥 ユウリ Asuka Yūri?) / Airi (あいり?)
An evil Puella Magi who creates psuedo-witches using imitation grief seed known as 'Evil Nuts' to target Kazumi. Her true identity is Airi, who was Yūri's best friend who had a terminal illness. In order to save Airi's life, Yūri became a Puella Magi in order to cure her of her illness, going on to treat other sick children. However, she eventually became a witch and was forced to be killed by the Pleiades Saints. When Airi learned of this, she swore revenge on the Pleiades and made a contract with Kyubey to take Yūri's form. She attempts to kill Kazumi, but in the end she ends up transforming into a witch too.

Puella Magi Oriko Magica charactersEdit

Oriko Mikuni (美国 織莉子 Mikuni Oriko?)
A Puella Magi with the ability to see into the future, determined to realise the dream of her late father. After seeing a vision of a witch she cannot possibly defeat, she arranges for Yuma to become a Puella Magi.
Yuma Chitose (千歳 ゆま Chitose Yuma?)
A young girl who Kyōko encounters after her parents are killed by a witch. She was often bullied by her parents and wants to become useful to her, going into distress whenever she feels useless. Despite Kyōko warning her not to become a Puella Magi, she ends up becoming one in order to save Kyōko's life due to Oriko's manipulation.
Kirika Kure (呉 キリカ Kure Kirika?)
A Puella Magi who is using her powers to hunt other Puella Magi. She has a strong admiration for Oriko and will do anything she asks her, including killing other Puella Magi. When transformed, she wields a pair of powerful claws and possesses great speed.


Puella Magi (魔法少女 Mahō Shōjo?)
A Puella Magi, or magical girl, is an adolescent girl gifted with powers granted from making a contract with an Incubator. This contract lets the Incubator grant the girl any single wish she desires, but in exchange, she must become a Puella Magi and live a life of fighting against Witches. The powers she receives are often related to the kind of wish she asked for; for example, a wish to cure someone will grant enhanced regenerative abilities. They can also use their magic to enhance real world objects. A Puella Magi's magical power originates from a special gem she carries called a Soul Gem, which is created when she makes the contract to become a magical girl. When a Puella Magi dies in a barrier fighting against a witch, her body remains within the barrier and, since no body can be found, they are forever considered missing by normal people. When a Puella Magi falls into despair or corruption and fails to replenish her Soul Gem, she eventually "matures" and becomes a Witch herself. The Puella Magi will also die if her Soul Gem is destroyed by other means.
Soul Gem (ソウルジェム Sōru Jemu?)
A gem that holds a Puella Magi's power, which its user can use to transform. The size is relevant to the amount of magical power residing in the girl, and the gem glows whenever a Witch or one of its Familiars is nearby. When not in gem form, it takes the form of a ring on the user's finger, accompanied by a small symbol on her fingernail. When a Puella Magi transforms, her Soul Gem is located somewhere on her outfit. It is later revealed that the Soul Gem literally contains a Puella Magi's soul, leaving her body as mere "hardware" that they control remotely to fight and can take any amount of damage without threat to life. The ability to control the body is somewhat limited, so if her body is more than 100 meters away from her respective Soul Gem, her body will become limp and lifeless. Returning her Soul Gem to within 100 meters of her respective body will revive her. If the Soul Gem breaks or is destroyed, the Puella Magi will die. The brightness of the gem is also relevant to how much a Puella Magi can use magic. The brighter it is, the stronger the Puella Magi becomes and the more that magic could be used. Inversely, the darker it is, the weaker the Puella Magi becomes and the less that magic could be used, up to the point when she can no longer use magic because she has exhausted her powers. The gem becomes darker and more tainted with each use of magic and needs to be purified by transferring the taint into Grief Seeds, otherwise it will become dull and corrupted. Magical power is replenished when the Soul Gem is cleansed. If a darkened Soul Gem becomes too corrupted, it will become a Grief Seed, transforming the Puella Magi into a Witch herself.
Witches (魔女 Majo?)
Witches are evil entities that are born from Magical Girls who have fallen into despair, and failed to purify her Soul Gem. Witches reside in special areas called barriers that only Puella Magi and those with magical potential can enter. Left alone, Witches can affect humans in the real world by giving them marks known as 'Witch's Kisses' (魔女の口づけ Majo no Kuchizuke?), which either cause accidents, give them diseases or force them into committing suicide. Witches often spawn lesser versions of themselves called Familiars that can mature into new Witches if left alone. The most powerful Witches are called Walpurgisnacht (ワルプルギスの夜 Waruparugisu no Yoru?). The worlds in which the Witches reside are a stark departure from the everyday world. Each is rooted in surrealism, and demonstrate themes and animation style reminiscent of the work of Jan Lenica.
Grief Seed (グリーフシード Gurīfu Shīdo?)
Grief Seeds are black thorns from which Witches are born. Once planted, they soon form barriers, which are special areas hidden from normal sight while the Witches mature. When a Witch is defeated, the remaining Grief Seed may be used to cleanse and restore magical power to a Soul Gem, which becomes tainted as magic is used up; hence, it is considered a valuable item by rival magical girls. Kyubey is also shown to consume used Grief Seeds. Soul Gems may themselves become Grief Seeds if they become too tainted and the Puella Magi falls into despair. In Kazumi Magica, the evil Puella Magi Yūri uses imitation Grief Seeds known as "Evil Nuts" (イーフルナッツ Ifuru Nattsu?) which transform humans into pseudo-witches, carrying out their dark desires.
Incubator (インキュベーター Inkyubētā?)
Incubators are extra-terrestrial beings that seek and gather thermodynamic energy to counter the effects of entropy on the universe. After discovering energy could be derived from emotions, but lacking emotions themselves, they encountered humans, who possessed these emotions, and began devising ways to harvest this energy from them. Noticing that the most powerful energy comes from adolescent girls during their transitions between hope and despair, they started granting certain girls' wishes and making them into Puella Magi knowing they would soon mature into Witches, providing the energy needed. There are two known Incubators in the franchise; Kyubey and Jubey.



See also: List of Puella Magi Madoka Magica episodes Puella Magi Madoka Magica began development after Akiyuki Shinbo expressed his desire to work on a new magical girl series to producer Atsuhiro Iwakami while they were working on Hidamari Sketch and Bakemonogatari.[4] During early planning stage, Iwakami decided to not adapt an existing work in order to give Shinbo more freedom in his direction style.[4] He then contacted Gen Urobuchi to work on the project as a scriptwriter and Ume Aoki as a character designer.[4] The series was announced in a commercial slot during the anime series Togainu no Chi.[5] Since then, more commercials have been shown in the same slot revealing the characters and cast.[4] The first ten episodes aired on MBS, TBS and CBC between January 7, 2011 and March 11, 2011.[6] Episodes were then made available for streaming on Nico Nico Douga and BIGLOBE's Anime One service a week after broadcast. Due to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami, the broadcast of episodes 11 and 12 were delayed and were later aired as a double bill on April 21, 2011.[7][8][9] The series will be released on Bluray Disc and DVD between April 27, 2011 and September 21, 2011, having been delayed from the original release date of March 30, 2011 due to the quake.[10][8][11] The opening theme is "Connect" (コネクト Konekuto?) by ClariS while the ending theme is "Magia" by Kalafina, both of which were released on February 16, 2011.[12] In the Bluray and DVD version, the ending theme for the first two episodes is "Another Day" (また あした Mata Ashita?) by Aoi Yūki, which is included with the first volume, along with a drama CD. Kajiura Yuki is responsible for the soundtrack, the first volume of which was released on May 25th 2011 alongside the second BD/DVD volume. Shinbo has expressed interest in doing a follow-up series that would focus more on a slice of life story.[13]

An English dub was presented on PBS starting on February 10, 2011. The episodes were presented as episodes lost for 40 years following the initial broadcast of the series as a soap opera; the voices were credited as being supplied by Dorothy Stratten (died 1980), Linda Blair, Annette Bening, Frances McDormand, Farrah Fawcett (died 2009), and Mel Blanc (died 1989). The announcer for each episode is Gary Kroeger, who announces the funding credits and delivers the soap opera-style next episode previews for each episode. The English dub's score was composed by Ennio Morricone, who used his own "The Ecstasy of Gold" as the opening and closing theme.


Houbunsha will be publishing three manga series based on the series. A direct adaptation of the anime series, illustrated by Hanokage, will be published in three volumes, each containing four chapters. The first two volumes were released on February 12, 2011 and March 12, 2011 respectively, while the third volume, originally due to be released on April 12, 2011, was delayed due to the Tōhoku quake and will now be released on May 30, 2011.[14][15][16] A side story manga, Puella Magi Kazumi Magica: The Innocent Malice (魔法少女かずみ☆マギカ〜The innocent malice〜 Mahō Shōjo Kazumi Magika: The Innocent Malice?), written by Masaki Hiramatsu and illustrated by Takashi Tensugi, began serialization in Manga Time Kirara Forward magazine from January 24, 2011, focusing on a different set of characters.[14] A third manga, Puella Magi Oriko Magica (魔法少女おりこ☆マギカ Mahō Shōjo Oriko Magika?), written by Kuroe Mura, will serve as a sequel to the anime series and will begin release on May 12, 2011.[14]


A novelized adaptation of the series by Nitroplus was announced on March 1, 2011. It will be written by Hajime Ninomae and illustrated by Yūpon. Details on the type of novelisation have yet to be revealed.[2]


Main article: Madoka Magica

A live-action adaptation is in the works. Emma Watson is signed to direct. The film is being produced by Walt Disney Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, United Artists, Cannon Films, and Charles Band and is set for a release in the summer of 2013. Emma has been signed to direct at least two more films: Kazumi Magica and Oriko Magica, both based on installments of the Madoka Magica franchise. She also confirmed that her brother Alex will reprise his role from Madoka Magica in Oriko Magica.


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