PBS Anime is a seven-hour late night block dedicated to showing anime. During some breaks, two-minute sketches featuring the PBS Anime mascot, Ken Kino, are played. The block kicked off on August 15, 1990 with a showing of DragonBall Z.


  • Kensuke Kino, also known as Ken, is a 15-year-old otaku from the Japanese city of Metropolis. He attends Metropolis High School and is part of the manga club. Voiced by Bob Bergen.
  • Izumi Kino, also known as Izzy, is Ken's 10-year-old kid brother. He attends Metropolis Grade School. Voiced by Wendie Jo Sperber (1990-2005) and Emma Watson (since 2005).
  • Natsumi Sakaki, also known as Nat, is Ken's girlfriend. She is also part of the manga club. Voiced by Dana Plato (1990-1999) and Philece Sampler (since 1999).
  • Ichiro Hikami is Ken's friend in the manga club. Voiced by Tony Pope (1990-2004) and Corey Burton (since 2004).
  • Michiru Kino is Ken's mother. Voiced by Diane Michelle.
  • Yuji Kino is Ken's father. Voiced by David Povall.



  1. Ken introduces himself and his family.
  2. Ken shows the viewer around his room.

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