PBS 2 is a cable spinoff of PBS. Their blocks include PBS Kids, PBS Anime, and DiC on PBS.


In 1984, PBS entered the cable TV business with a non-profit spinoff. Through an agreement with DiC, one block original to the network, DiC on PBS, was formed especially for PBS 2. The first four shows in the block were Inspector Gadget, The Littles, Kidd Video, and Heathcliff and the Cadillac Cats. The former show is notable for ending PBS broadcasts with a modified PBS ident following specialized funding credits that show Inspector Gadget going across text displaying the companies as a voiceover mentions them before he crashes offscreen. The first 65 episodes end with a warp-speed version of the PBS Everymen ident, and the last 21 end with a modified version of the PBS Split Profile ident. The eye is missing until Inspector Gadget walks in, looks at the eye-less P-head and says, "Go-Go Gadget Hammer!" A hammer comes out of his head and whacks the P-head, and the eye appears in its usual spot before Gadget clumsily exits. As the ident cuts to black, we hear one of 21 different sound effects (including the Wilhelm scream).

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