Operation: High School is a 2001 novel written by J.K. Rowling. Illustrations are by manga superstar Ken Akamatsu. The plot centers around a 15-year-old secret agent for the United States named Luna Nelson who is installed in a high school in the nation's capital to protect the President from a deranged German immigrant named Von Brucken.



In A.D. 1983, a team of skinheads led by Heinrich Von Brucken, a deranged German immigrant, assassinates a spy in Washington D.C. When news of his death reaches his wife, she decides there's nothing to do but to place their 1-year-old daughter, Luna, in the care of the CIA. Meanwhile, the spy is buried at Arlington National Cemetery with full honors conferred by the President at the time. After the graveside service, Luna's mother makes good on her decision to place Luna under the care of the CIA.

Chapter 1 (The Plot Against the President)Edit

During her first big mission, Luna, who had been injected with genetic material and as a result became faster and stronger, spies on the skinheads and overhears a plot by Von Brucken to assassinate the new President. When Von Brucken discovers Luna, she starts fighting the skinheads, knocking all of them out to give her enough time to take photos of the files important to the assassination plot. Unfortunately for her, the skinheads get right back into gear as soon as she's finished taking the photographs. After a second fight, she departs. Back at the agency, she gets reamed for not doing away with Von Brucken, but then Control Agent Jennifer Kajiwara steps in and tells the bosses there that number one, her mission was to photograph files regarding the planned assassination, and number two, Luna is a spy, not a vigilante. This convinces the bosses to drop the matter, but Control continues the reaming in private. This proves too much for Luna, who starts bawling and running away. Control then consults Dr. Bob Lang about planting Luna into Nobel High and asks him to partner with her as a husband-and-wife-like couple who have a daughter (Luna) to transfer to the school. Bob agrees.


  • Luna Nelson
  • Dr. Bob Lang
  • Jennifer Kajiwara
  • Heinrich Von Brucken
  • Alicia Barrero
  • Martin Howard
  • Jonah Von Brucken
  • Elizabeth Carson
  • Dr. Stanton
  • Principal Michelle Jackson
  • Mr. Richard Fulton
  • The President of the United States