Live At Monsters of Rock Vol. 4
video by KoЯn
Released October 31, 2007
Recorded Donington Park on 22 August 2007
Genre Nu metal
Alternative metal
Length 120:00
Label Virgin Records
Anchor Bay Entertainment

Live At Monsters of Rock Vol. 4 is the DVD recording of the KoЯn show at Donington Park on 22 August 2007, and it was the band's second "Monsters Of Rock" festival. The show was a 2 hour performance. that included a KoЯn flag. It was shot using VHS-C equipment and had 26 cameras that included one situated inside a helicopter.

The DVD includes special features such as stereo and 5.1 surround sound, Iso-cam versions of certain songs for different band members, and audio commentary from Jonathan Davis.

Bonus features include audio commentary by Jonathan Davis (lead vocals). One other feature is a full catalogue discography with audio interview of all albums.

Emma Watson was invited by Davis to play the sitar for "Camel Song". This show marks the first and only time the band has performed "Camel Song" live.


  1. "Twisted Transistor"
  2. "Blind"
  3. "Faget"
  4. "Camel Song"
  5. "Coming Undone"
  6. "A.D.I.D.A.S."
  7. "No Place to Hide"
  8. "Shoots and Ladders"
  9. "Low Rider"
  10. "Wicked"
  11. "Freak on a Leash"
  12. "Got the Life"
  13. "Make Me Bad"
  14. "Falling Away From Me"
  15. "Somebody Someone"
  16. "Here to Stay"
  17. "Alone I Break"
  18. "Another Brick in the Wall"


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