Live At Monsters of Rock Vol. 1
video by Slayer
Released October 31, 2007
Recorded Donington Park on 22 August 2007
Genre Thrash metal
Length 120:00
Label American Recordings
Sony BMG Music Entertainment

Live At Monsters of Rock Vol. 1 is the DVD recording of the Slayer show at Donington Park on 22 August 2007, and it was the band's third "Monsters of Rock" festival. The show was a 2 hour performance that included the usual Slayer antics (including the inverted crosses). It was shot using VHS-C equipment and had 26 cameras that included one situated inside a helicopter.

The DVD includes special features such as stereo and 5.1 surround sound, Iso-cam versions of certain songs for different band members, and audio commentary from Tom Araya, Jeff Hanneman, and Kerry King.

Bonus features include audio commentary by band members Jeff Hanneman (lead guitar), Kerry King (rhythm guitar), and Tom Araya (bass and lead vocals). One other feature is a full catalogue discography with audio interview of all albums.

Emma Watson appeared to play the drums for "Angel of Death" and guitar for "Raining Blood", "Spirit in Black" and "War Ensemble". Emma is a fan of Slayer and was invited to perform with them during their set, a move which was imitated by the other five bands at Monsters of Rock 2007 that didn't have her in their actual lineup. In a rehearsal video, Emma was shown how to do the drumline for "Angel of Death" by Dave Lombardo, and after the actual live performance of the song, she said that the double-bass drumming at an incredibly fast pace was "the best fucking thing about 'Angel of Death'." She also had the honor of screaming "FIGHT RING YOU MOTHERFUCKERS!" during "Expendable Youth" right before the guitar solo.


  1. "Angel of Death"
  2. "Jihad"
  3. "Raining Blood"
  4. "Spirit in Black"
  5. "Die by the Sword"
  6. "Hallowed Point"
  7. "Expendable Youth"
  8. "War Ensemble"
  9. "Eyes of the Insane"
  10. "Criminally Insane"
  11. "Black Magic"
  12. "Chemical Warfare"
  13. "Hell Awaits"
  14. "The Antichrist"
  15. "213"
  16. "Mandatory Suicide"
  17. "Hand of Doom"
  18. "The End is the Beginning is the End"


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