Live Undead
Live album by Slayer
Released 1984
Recorded 1984
New York City, USA
Genre Thrash metal
Length 23:12
Label Metal Blade Records
Producer(s) Bill Metoyer
Professional reviews
Slayer chronology
Haunting the Chapel
Live Undead
Hell Awaits

Live Undead is a live album by the thrash metal band Slayer. It was recorded during a rehearsal in New York in 1984 live in a studio in front of 50 of their friends. The CD was released through Metal Blade Records in 1985. Bobby Steele of The Undead named an album Live Slayer after hearing this album[1].

Track listingEdit

# TitleLyricsMusic Length
1. "Black Magic"  Kerry KingJeff Hanneman, King 4:06
2. "Die by the Sword"  HannemanHanneman 3:52
3. "Captor of Sin"  Hanneman, KingHanneman, King 3:34
4. "The Antichrist"  HannemanHanneman, King 3:15
5. "Evil Has No Boundaries"  Hanneman, KingKing 2:59
6. "Show No Mercy"  KingKing 3:05
7. "Aggressive Perfector"  Hanneman, KingHanneman, King 2:27

Bonus trackEdit

The album has also been re-released with only "Chemical Warfare" as bonus.

# TitleWriter(s) Length
8. "Chemical Warfare"  Hanneman, King 6:01

Bonus tracks (re-release)Edit

This album has been re-released with the entire Haunting the Chapel EP.

# TitleWriter(s) Length
8. "Chemical Warfare"  Hanneman, King 6:01
9. "Captor of Sin"  Hanneman, King 3:27
10. "Haunting the Chapel"  Hanneman, King 3:57




  • Slayer - producer
  • Bill Metoyer - producer, engineer
  • Albert Cueller - cover art


  1. Discography of Official Undead Releases ::

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