This is a list of notable home video companies in the business of producing and marketing pre-recorded cassettes and discs of various formats for home video.


News CorporationEdit

Lions GateEdit

Time WarnerEdit

The Walt Disney CompanyEdit


NBC UniversalEdit

Heron CommunicationsEdit

The Weinstein CompanyEdit

Starz MediaEdit

  • Anchor Bay Entertainment (formerly Video Treasures (1985-1997) and Starz Home Entertainment (2007-2008)) (1985-)
    • Starmaker Entertainment (mid-1980s-1997)


Outside of the United States Edit

Template:Country data Argentina Argentina

  • Argentina Video Home
  • Gativideo
  • Transmundo Video

Template:Country data Australia Australia

Template:Country data Brazil Brazil

  • America Video
  • Poletel Video
  • China Video

Template:Country data Canada Canada

  • A and Y Productions (2003-2006)
  • Beserk Cow Productions (2006-now)
  • HGV Video Productions (1980-Present, Canadian distributor of Goodtimes Home Video)
  • Astral Video (Mid 1980s-1996)
  • Vidtex Video
  • Media West, Inc. (Low-budget Canadian counterpart of Worldvision Home Video)
  • Alliance Releasing
  • Video MPA
  • Canadian Video Factory
  • Junior Home Video
  • Imavision
  • BFS Video (distributor of old BBC and ITV programs from the UK)
  • La mouche et l'elephant/PR Vidéo (French-language)

Template:Country data Colombia Colombia

  • Kyron Home Video
  • Cinevideo
  • Contacto Video

Template:Country data Denmark Denmark

  • Video Action
  • Filmlab Video
  • Starbox Video

Template:Country data Finland Finland

  • Magnum Video (no relation to the low-budget B-movie label now owned by Lions Gate)
  • Nordic Video
  • Capitol Video (released several films from the former Soviet Union)

Template:Country data France France

  • StudioCanal Video
  • Gaumont/Columbia-TriStar Home Video
  • Delta Video
  • UGC Video
  • Fil-à-Film
  • New Family Video
  • TF1 Video
  • Carrére Video
  • Sunrise
  • Initial Home Video
  • Mondial Home Video
  • Régie Cassette Video
  • Challenge Video Productions

Template:Country data Germany Germany

  • Kiddinx Video
  • RTL Video
  • VPS Video Programme Service
  • Atlas Film Video
  • ITT-Contrast Video
  • Select Video
  • UFA Video
  • All Video
  • EuroVideo

Template:Country data Greece Greece

Template:Country data India India

Template:Country data Italy Italy

  • Torino Video (1980s)

Template:Country data Japan Japan

  • Bandai Visual - Emotion (1983-)
  • Toei Home Video (?-Present)
  • Pony Video (dates unknown)

Mexico Mexico

  • Televisa Home Entertainment (dates unknown)
  • Video Emoción (1980s-Early 1990s)

Template:Country data Netherlands The Netherlands

  • Converge Video (1980s)
  • Video Screen
  • Eagle 6 Video
  • Bridge Entertainment DVD
  • Classic Video Movies
  • Video Garant
  • European Video Corporation


  • ABC Video (1980s)
  • Big Partner (1980s)
  • CCV (Club Consult Video) (1980s)
  • C.P. Entertainment (1980s)
  • Fram Film (1980s)
  • HVC Video Vision AS (1980s)
  • Intervideo (1980s)
  • In Video (1980s)
  • JEL Video (1980s)
  • Mayco AS (1980s)
  • Nord Video (1980s)
  • Novio AS (Later renamed "Nye Novio") (1980s)
  • OVC (Oslo Video Center) (1980s)
  • Panorama (1980s)
  • Screen Entertainment (1980s)
  • VCM (1980s)
  • Videohuset (1980s)

Template:Country data Philippines Philippines

  • C-Interactive
  • Magnavision Home Entertainment
  • Solar Entertainment
  • Viva Entertainment
  • Warner Bros. Philippines

Template:Country data Portugal Portugal

  • RTP Home Video
  • Class Vidéo (????)
  • Club Privé Vidéo (1992-Present)

Template:Country data South Africa South Africa

Template:Country data Spain Spain

  • Filmax Home Video (1988-Present)
  • Video Diversíon (Mid-1980s)
  • Lauren Films Video (1980s-Present)
  • Viva Home Video (1980s)
  • Video Colección (1990s, Spain's version of The Video Collection/Strand-VCI Entertainment/Strand Home Video)

Template:Country data Sweden Sweden

  • Baroness VideoVision
  • International Promotions, Inc.
  • PRT Elektronik
  • Trix Videofilmer
  • Video Invest
  • Videce Videocentralen
  • Mariann Video
  • Esselte Video
  • Walthers Video

Template:Country data Turkey Turkey

  • Cabecera Home Video (Alparslan)

Template:Country data United Kingdom United Kingdom

  • Video Gems (Mid 1980s-1996)
  • Guild Home Video (1984-1998)
  • Telstar Home Entertainment (2000s)
  • 2 Entertain (2004-)
  • RCA/Columbia Pictures International Video (1982-1992)
  • Acorn Media
  • The Video Collection/VCI (the original UK version of Strand VCI Entertainment/Strand Home Video)
  • Abbey Home Entertainment/Tempo Video
  • Screen Legends
  • CIC Video
  • Braveworld Video
  • Virgin Video
  • Channel 5 Video
  • Pickwick Video Group
  • Entertainment in Video
  • Magical Video Movies (MVM)
  • Vestron Video International
  • First Choice Home Video
  • Odyssey Home Video
  • Palace Video (Note: unrelated to the Australian company of the same name, this handled children's videos)
  • DD Video
  • Replay Video
  • Hokushin Video Movies
  • Medusa Video
  • Intervision
  • Alpha Video
  • Videomedia
  • Skyline Video
  • Video Program Distribution
  • Derann Video
  • CineHollywood
  • Longman Video
  • Thames Video

Template:Country data Venezuela Venezuela

  • Blancic Video
  • Videorama
  • Venevista Video
  • Video-Rodven
  • Gran Video
  • Video Venus
  • Videos De Venezuela
  • blue diamond video
  • Intervideo

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