High School of the Dead
Directed by Menahem Golan (uncredited)
Lucio Fulci (credited)
Produced by Menahem Golan
Yoram Globus
Charles Band
Antonella Fulci (uncredited)
Written by Screenplay:
Emma Watson
Claudio Fragasso
Dario Argento
Daisuke Sato
Starring Rupert Grint
Emma Watson
Bonnie Wright
Harry Melling
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Kara Hoffman
Daniel Radcliffe
Music by Bear McCreary
Cinematography Fabio Zamarion
Editing by Massimo Quaglia
Studio Walt Disney Pictures
Universal Pictures
Cannon Films
Distributed by Walt Disney Pictures
Release date(s) October 31 2012
Running time 103 min.
Country Italy
United Kingdom
United States
Language Italian
Followed by High School of the Dead 2: Apocalypse (2013)

High School of the Dead (Italian: Apocalisse zombi al liceo) is a 2012 Italian grindhouse horror film directed by Menahem Golan and starring Rupert Grint (in three roles), Emma Watson, Bonnie Wright, Harry Melling, and Jeffrey Dean Morgan.


While Tacasci Comoro (Rupert Grint) is gazing endlessly at the school gate, a zombie outbreak begins as two teachers are bitten before his eyes. He then alerts his girlfriend, Rei Miammodo (Rupert Grint), and his friend and love rival, Isasci Igo (Daniel Radcliffe) about it as a PA announcement sounds. As the trio flee to the observatory, Isasci is bitten by Uachisacca (Ottaviano Dell'acqua) and realizes too late that this zombie outbreak is indeed like the movies. With his dying breath, he requests that Tacasci bash his head, something Tacasci only brings himself to do after Isasci becomes one of "them" (a term he himself had ironically coined because of his skepticism about real-life zombie outbreaks), much to Rei's shock.

Meanwhile, during an outbreak in the nurse's office, Saiecco Bossagiami (Emma Watson) kills the zombies in the room before beheading another student, Cassio Isci (Alex Pettyfer), to save him from becoming a zombie. When Scizuca Mariocca (Rupert Grint) objects, Saiecco reminds her that upholding honor is the source of a woman's pride. Another group, consisting of Saia Taccaggio (Bonnie Wright) and Cozio Erano (Harry Melling), stockpile on weapons before the three groups converge. They burn a couple of zombie victims, Misuzu Iccigio and Toscimi Ricci (Emma Roberts and Emma Watson), in a funeral pyre before planning their escape; with another group led by Tacuzzo (Dylan Sprouse), they manage to escape the school building; however, Tacuzzo is bitten, leading his girlfriend to commit suicide by zombie.

As the main party boards the bus, another group of students, led by Coicci Setto (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), a teacher Rei doesn't trust, gets on as well. After the group escapes the school, Tacasci and Rei disembark because of Rei's grudge against Shido, and the rest of Tacasci's party promises to rendezvous with him ASAP. At a gas station, Tacasci fills up a motorcycle he had lifted from another zombie (James Grint) only to see a gas station nutjob (Giuseppe Lo Console) holding Rei hostage. He shoots the nutjob and leaves him to die at the hands of a zombie mob, taking Rei with him as he goes.

Finally tired of Setto's preachings and already impatient from having to wait to cross a police-blockaded bridge, Saiecco, Saia, Cozio, and Scizuca disembark and meet up with Tacasci and Rei following a melee against the zombies, and they go to a house owned by a friend of Scizuca. While there, Cozio snipes at packs of zombies. Meanwhile, a young man named Marisatto (David E. Paetkau) and his daughter Alice (Kara Hoffman) seek asylum at a nearby house, only for Marisatto to be speared to death before his daughter's eyes. Tacasci rescues her from incoming zombies, but not before covering Marisatto's head with a cloth out of respect.

Because his bike is totaled, Tacasci has to walk atop the nearby wall with Alice and her dog Ezechiele in tow just so he can reunite with his group. As the group picks off the zombie mob, Tacasci makes it onto the Humvee with Alice and Ezechiele, and the group departs. Fulfilling a promise made earlier, Saiecco scatters the ashes of Misuzu and Toscimi over the river as the Humvee drives along its path. Tacasci looks forward to him and his friends reuniting with their families as the film closes.


Actor Role Italian Version English Version Seiyuu
Rupert Grint Takashi Komuro Rupert Grint Rupert Grint Junichi Suwabe
Rupert Grint Rei Miyamoto Domitilla D'Amico Saoirse Ronan Marina Inoue
Emma Watson Saeko Busujima Emma Watson Emma Watson Miyuki Sawashiro
Bonnie Wright Saya Takagi Bonnie Wright Bonnie Wright Eri Kitamura
Harry Melling Kohta Hirano Omar Vitelli Harry Melling Nobuyuki Hiyama
Rupert Grint Shizuka Marikawa Ilaria Giorgino Kate Oxley Yukari Fukui
Jeffrey Dean Morgan Koichi Shido Luigi Scribani Jeffrey Dean Morgan Kisho Taniyama
Malin Akerman Rica Minami Emanuela Damasio Malin Akerman Junko Takeuchi
Kara Hoffman Alice Maresato Barbara Pitolli Kara Hoffman Ayana Taketatsu
Daniel Radcliffe Hisashi Igo Daniel Radcliffe Daniel Radcliffe Mamoru Miyano
Gary Oldman Tadashi Miyamoto Massimo Venturiello Gary Oldman Jin Urayama
Dylan Sprouse Takuzo Dylan Sprouse Dylan Sprouse Nobuhiko Okamoto
Emma Roberts Misuzu Ichijo Perla Liberatori Emma Roberts Naoko Seto
Emma Watson Toshimi Niki Emma Watson Emma Watson Kaori Shimizu
David E. Paetkau Maresato Davide Perino David E. Paetkau Kenji Nojima
Giuseppe Lo Console Gas station nutjob Giuseppe Lo Console Daniel Woren Shinya Hamazoe


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