This is a comprehensive list of Emma Watson's home video collection.

Walt Disney Studios Home EntertainmentEdit

Buena Vista Home EntertainmentEdit

Touchstone Home EntertainmentEdit

Hollywood Pictures Home VideoEdit

Miramax Home EntertainmentEdit

MGM Home EntertainmentEdit

Orion Home VideoEdit

Hemdale Home VideoEdit

Nelson EntertainmentEdit

Embassy Home EntertainmentEdit

Paramount Home EntertainmentEdit

Cannon VideoEdit

PBS Home VideoEdit

Republic Pictures Home VideoEdit

Sony Pictures Home EntertainmentEdit

SVS TriumphEdit

Sony WonderEdit

20th Century Fox Home EntertainmentEdit

Magnetic VideoEdit

Key VideoEdit

Playhouse VideoEdit

New World VideoEdit

Universal Studios Home EntertainmentEdit

PolyGram VideoEdit

NBC Home VideoEdit

MCA DiscoVisionEdit

Warner Home VideoEdit

New Line Home EntertainmentEdit

Turner Home EntertainmentEdit

RKO Home VideoEdit

HBO VideoEdit

HBO Cannon VideoEdit

Thorn EMI HBO VideoEdit
Thorn EMI VideoEdit

Rhino Home VideoEdit

Lions Gate Home EntertainmentEdit

Artisan EntertainmentEdit

Avid Home EntertainmentEdit

Monterey Home VideoEdit

Thriller VideoEdit

Vestron VideoEdit

Trimark Home VideoEdit

Lightning VideoEdit


Academy Home EntertainmentEdit

All Seasons EntertainmentEdit

Anchor Bay EntertainmentEdit

Video TreasuresEdit

Starmaker VideoEdit

Continental VideoEdit

Goodtimes Home VideoEdit

Interglobal Home VideoEdit

Magnum EntertainmentEdit

Media Home EntertainmentEdit

The Nostalgia MerchantEdit

MPI Home VideoEdit

Gorgon VideoEdit

Pacific ArtsEdit

Paragon Video ProductionsEdit

PBS VideoEdit

WGBH Boston VideoEdit

Prism EntertainmentEdit

Simitar EntertainmentEdit

Time Life VideoEdit

Trans World EntertainmentEdit

UAV Home VideoEdit

VCI Home VideoEdit

United Home VideoEdit


Video GemsEdit

Virgin VisionEdit

Wizard VideoEdit

World Video PicturesEdit

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