East Tennessee PBS Home Entertainment is the home entertainment arm of East Tennessee PBS, primarily serving East Tennessee.


On November 25, 1980, WSJK-TV released 28 Betamax and VHS tapes to the local Fotomat dealerships for rental. In June 1981, all tapes were made available to the public. WSJK Home Video's tapes started with a warning screen, followed by a home video promo (initially listing only the first 28 tapes from 1980-1984) and the WSJK Home Video logo. In early 1985, the promo changed and was expanded to include more titles in addition to those already released. The new promo also features the "TV Worth Watching" leitmotif. In 1990, WSJK Home Video became Public TV For East Tennessee Home Video.


From 1980-1986, the packaging was black slipcovers with the Ugly TWO at the top and an image from the program below it. Starting in 1986, the artwork filled the front, and the Ugly TWO still appeared at the top but was now more compact.

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