D-BOX Technologies (TSX: DBO.A) is a Canadian company that produces motion simulation systems and control devices that work with supporting movie and game titles to provide motion feedback to viewers. D-BOX motion systems exist for home entertainment, gaming, commercial viewing as well as OEM applications.[1]

The company posted $4.4 million in revenue and a $5.3 million net loss in fiscal 2009 (ending March 31, 2009).[2]

D-BOX Technologies is based in Longueuil, Quebec.


Movie TheatreEdit

Selected movie theatres in USA and Canada are equipped with motion seats. The first movie to support D-BOX motion code was Fast & Furious released on on April 3, 2009.[3]

Home TheatreEdit

A standalone motion controller box or a PC based motion controller (requires a PC) reads information about a movie title directly from the disc or by using "motion code" provided from an active Internet connection and relays motion signals to connected motion-equipped seats. Currently the system supports a library of around 1,000 movies.[4]

Many studios now supports D-BOX technology by adding motion code to select Blu-Ray titles:


A motion player is connected to a PC through a USB port and is used to send motion signals to connected motion equipment. The motion signals generated are based on information provided by a game or a simulator. Each compatible title must be specifically supported by D-BOX. There are currently 13 titles supported:[11]

The KAI USB motion player is approved for Windows by the Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs.[12]

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