The black screen of death is a test card that is shown at the end of a VHS tape.

It is really just a sound change, but it is a surprising thing.

It is most common on VHS tapes from GoodTimes Home Video, but it is on other tapes from 1985-1989 from other companies. This list shows you which companies used which version. Excluding Goodtimes tapes, the last tapes to use the Black Screen of Death were printed in April 1989, but sometimes some other companies used it after April 1989.

1000hz (Normal Pitched)Edit

  1. GoodTimes Home Video (1984-2005)
  2. Kids Klassics Home Video (1985-1998)
  3. Unlimited Energy (from Goodtimes Home Video)
  4. GTK, Inc. (from Kids Klassics)
  5. Scholastic Home Video (from GoodTimes Entertainment)
  6. HGV Video Productions (a few times)
  7. Strand VCI Entertainment (1989-1990) (Seen on Thomas the Tank Engine Videos from HGV Video Productions in Canada)
  8. Paramount Home Video (1979-1983)
  9. MCA Videocassette Inc (1980)

400hz (Low Pitched)Edit

CBS/Fox Video (1988-1989)

Walt Disney Home Video (1986-1988, Slightly higher pitched 420hz tone on some tapes as heard on some copies of Pinocchio 1986 VHS)

MGM/UA Home Video (1986-1989)


Touchstone Home Video (1986-1988)

Questar Home Video (1990's)

Chevron Video Showcase (1988)

Word Lifeware Video (Seen on a Pressing of Orel Hershiser on Excellence)

ADV Films (1998) (Seen on a Pressing of Legend of Crystania: Resurrection of the God's King)

Sony Video Software (1986-1989)

View Master Video (1986)

Paramount Home Video (1988)

VidAmerica (1988)

Orion Home Video (1987-1988)

Wizard Video (1986-1988)

Lorimar Home Video (1986-1988)

Embassy Home Entertainment (1985-1987)

Nelson Entertainment (1987-1989)

New World Video/LCA (1985-1988)

Vestron Video (1986-1988) (some tapes)

Lightning Video (1986-1988) (some tapes)

Children's Video Library (1986-1987)

HBO/Cannon Video (1986-1989)

Cannon Video (1986-1988)

MCA Home Video (1985-1988 and on Some Early Printings of E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial)

Warner Home Video (1985-1989)

1020hz (High Pitched)Edit

Vestron Video (1986-1987)

Lightning Video (1986-1988)

Children's Video Library (1986-1987) (some tapes)

MGM/UA Home Video (1986-1987)

VidAmerica (1987)

Orion Home Video (1987)

Prism Entertainment (1986-1987)

Sony Video Software (1986-1987)

New World Video/LCA (1986-1987)

HBO/Cannon Video (1986-1987)

Touchstone Home Video (1987) (Seen on a pressing of Outrageous Fortune)

Warner Home Video (1987) (some copies of Police Academy 4)

1100hz (Higher Pitched) Edit

RCA/Columbia Pictures Home Video (1987)

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