The Anime Critic is a video series created by Emma Watson, in which she plays the titular Anime Critic, a grumpy and easily aggravated character who reviews anime. She based her demeanor on fellow movie reviewer The Nostalgia Critic, and they even share the same catchphrase and running gags! Her variation of the catchphrase, "Hello, I'm the Anime Critic. I remember it, so you don't have to", usually opens and ends each video. The first video was a review of the infamous Optimum English dub of Sailor Moon. The Anime Critic wears a Pittsburgh Steelers baseball cap, a black leather jacket, a black Guns N Roses T-shirt, blue jeans, and motorcycle boots. When an anime dub is extremely horrible, she attempts to swallow a cyanide pill. Not all reviews are entirely negative, though.

Her occasional partner is a Cosplaying Assistant, played by Rupert Grint. When he does appear, he always crossplays as the lead female character in the anime the Critic is reviewing. Even the Critic herself cosplays for a review on occasion, and when she does, she always crossplays as a male character who's the lead of (or otherwise relevant to) the anime she's reviewing, such as Haruki Suzumiya for her review of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.

Like with the Nostalgia Critic, there are several running gags in her videos. For example, whenever a villain in the review is revealed to have a generic goal to "you guessed it, take over the world" (or sometimes a simple evil plot), the Anime Critic will interrupt that video by inserting a clip of M. Bison from Street Fighter (played by Raul Julia) yelling "Of course!" When said villain is about to reach his/her goal, a clip from the animated Street Fighter series showing Bison shouting "Yes! YES!" plays. Another joke is the Shrug and Foghorn, usually triggered by a corny one-liner (of which there are plenty in reviews of Macekred dubs). Also, whenever a non-kid-friendly scene occurs in a children's anime (e.g. a scary Raven in Princess Tutu) she smiles and says "You know, for kids!" Another is when an anime (or the entire dub, in the case of Sailor Moon) ends on a cliffhanger, she'll say, "And they all live happily ever after... OR DO THEY!?" Another is playing the theme from The Ambiguously Gay Duo whenever a homosexual reference is made or is supposed to have been made.

All her reviews that have been released on DVD and BluRay are issued by Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, and apparently she counts on it: on the The End screens of her reviews, she acknowledges the owner of the license of the dub she's reviewing unless Disney's involved.


Episode Episode name Length Release date Titles and Series reviewed 
1 Sailor Moon Optimum dub review April 6, 2009 Sailor Moon (1995-2000).

The debut of the Critic and her Cosplaying Assistant, the latter who crossplays as Sailor Moon (complete with the wig), as well as her catchphrase "Hello, I'm the Anime Critic. I remember it so you don't have to", which for this episode is slightly altered to accommodate the Cosplaying Assistant. This is also the first review where she attempts suicide by cyanide pill due to the dub being horrible. The "OF COURSE!", "OR DO THEY!?", and Shrug and Foghorn gags make their debut, and at any point where a homosexual theme was originally in place (before the higher-ups made Optimum change it), the Critic would play the theme from The Ambiguously Gay Duo. The Critic expresses her disgust at the Macekreing that took place on this dub and the lack of a fifth season for this particular dub, and she declares the series to have crossed the line when she gets to the episode "Tutu Treachery". She also comments on the voice actor changes.

2 Haruhi Suzumiya review part 1 April 8, 2009 Haruhi Suzumiya (2007).

The Critic crossplays for the first time as a gender-flipped version of Haruhi (called Haruki), and her Cosplaying Assistant crossplays as Haruhi herself. In this review, they are both put off by the changes ABC Kids made to the dub for a TV-PG rating (including making them and their co-stars re-dub their lines and the digital removal of blood in the fight scene in Episode 4) and are glad that PBS is broadcasting the series uncut. The Critic then reveals that the funding credits for the first airings of the series on PBS are different from what viewers of the Renewal will be seeing, including the style (the first broadcasts lampooned the 1992-1998 Sesame Street funding credits, while the Renewal is set to lampoon the funding credits for both Carmen Sandiego game shows), and she even mentions having Haruhi call her fellow brigadiers "gumshoes" in every Haruhi media she's ever written, including the ice show based on the controversial manga which Macekred the light novels, even displaying some examples in random order. She also reveals that she had just finished dubbing episodes 15-28 of the Renewal with her fellow gumshoes the day before. The "Yes! YES!" gag makes its debut when Itsuki tells Kyon that Haruhi had given up on the current universe and is in the process of creating a new one.

3 Lupin III Movie Streamline and Pioneer dub comparison April 8, 2009 Lupin III: The Secret of Mamo (1995, 2003).

The Critic crossplays as Arsène Lupin III for this review. She compares the two most famous anime studio dubs of Lupin III's feature film debut. When she hears a corny one-liner from the Streamline dub and a lame replacement in the same dub, she attempts suicide by cyanide pill. She comments on the frequent use of profanity in the Pioneer dub, and the Shrug and Foghorn is triggered every time a character says "bitch" in said dub. The "OF COURSE!" gag is heard when she declares Mamo's quest to be, you guessed it, taking over the world. The "Yes! YES!" gag occurs when Mamo reveals that he was ready to launch the missiles. She declares the Streamline dub to be the superior dub out of the two, though she adds she'd much rather see either the original studio dub or the JAL dub. As the Cosplaying Assistant is absent, this is the first review with the unabridged version of her catchphrase "Hello, I'm the Anime Critic. I remember it so you don't have to."

4 Princess Tutu review April 9, 2009 Princess Tutu (2002-2003).

The Critic expresses her disgust for the anime in general because she doesn't like ballet, saying she tried it once, but she wound up falling flat on her face (illustrated by a scene from the live adaptation of Sailor Moon in slow motion, and with herself being surrounded by a yellow circle that serves to pinpoint her location). She does comment that ironically, she's a good figure skater and rhythmic gymnast, two skills she had to learn for separate movies and TV shows and that she didn't need to learn ballet to be good at. She also regrets having to dub Gage Golightly's voice in the live adaptation simply because Golightly wasn't a good motormouth, saying she was content with narrating the film and making a cameo appearance early on in the film as a boy at Ahiru's school that she pushes out of the way on her way to her (Ahiru's) ballet lesson. She even goes as far as to go into a Hamlet-style lamentation for the series director, Junichi Sato (who directed the Sailor Moon anime, which she is a fan of), even holding up a Sailor Moon (Scotti Bros. dub) tape released by Disney in conjunction with Avid Home Entertainment, early on in the review. Whenever something not kid-friendly pops up, she says, "You know, for kids!" Early in the review, she also attempts suicide by cyanide pill. This is the first time the Critic does not say her catchphrase at the beginning.

5 Saint Tail review April 10, 2009 Saint Tail (1995-1996, 2000).

The Critic is put off by the removal of Christian references from the Tokyopop dub and says she's glad they didn't complete the dub. The Streamline dub, on the other hand, she admires for sticking to the script, saying, "Not bad for a Streamline dub." She even praises Mary Kay Bergman's dubbing of the title character, even going so far as to mourn her suicide in 1999 ("WHY THE FUCK DID YOU HAVE TO GO SO SOON!?") and blaming her depression for the suicide claiming her at the prime of her career. She describes Bergman's suicide as "horribufuckus" and decides to join her, putting a gun to her own head and shooting herself. This is the first time the Critic does not say her catchphrase at the end.

6 Angel Cop review April 11, 2009 Angel Cop (1989-1994).

The Critic is put off by the anti-Semitic themes in the series and is glad Manga's dub did away with the anti-Semitism. However, concerning the dub, she has one complaint: that four-letter words are being sprinkled throughout even when the gore alone would guarantee an R rating in the States. By the end of the dub, she's as exasparated as hell from hearing the characters being turned into sailor mouths. This is the first review where she rags on 2 Live Crew, shouting, "IT'S LIKE THE FUCKING SCRIPT WAS WRITTEN BY 2 FUCKING LIVE CREW!"

7 Plastic Little review April 12, 2009 Plastic Little (1994).

The Critic says she likes the OVA, but she likes the motion picture adaptation better. She notices, though, that the Streamline dub has one flaw: it's more of an adaptation that a straight translation, like most Streamline dubs are. At the same time, for the first of the three dubs, she praises Drew Barrymore for giving Tita a memorable voice--one which she herself copied for the motion picture, which she says is scheduled for review by the Nostalgia Critic in the fall. The "OF COURSE!" gag occurs when she declares the military's goal to be, you guessed it, taking over the world. The "Yes! YES!" gag occurs when Yietta starts to be destroyed by the military's efforts.

8 Ouran High School Host Club review April 13, 2009 Ouran High School Host Club (2006).

The Critic bashes Vic Mignogna's performance as Tamaki Suoh in the FUNimation dub (which at key points results in a Shrug and Foghorn) and laments the quality overall. She then goes on to praise the Urban Vision dub for starting the tradition of an "'80s-themed Ouran", one that would seep into the live adaptations. She also comments on the differences between the anime and the manga, of which there are many, including the fact that toward the end, Studio Bones just gave up, while Bisco Hatori is still cranking out new chapters to the manga every month. The "OF COURSE!" gag occurs during the 9th episode, when Benio Amakusa declares her intention to have the Host Club disbanded. The "Yes! YES!" gag occurs when Haruhi is revealed to have been roped into St. Lobelia Academy by the Zuka Club in the 19th episode. Then there's playing of the theme from "The Ambiguously Gay Duo" whenever Hikaru and Kaoru attempt "twincest" or the Zuka Club appears. The Critic also fakes out the viewer with an "OR DO THEY!?" close-up at the end of the 26th episode, stating that they do live happily ever after at the end, though she again comments on the anime ending at that point.

9 Akira review April 14, 2009 Akira (1988).

The Critic is amazed that Akira made it onto BluRay, and not just the Pioneer dub from Bandai. She compares the Streamline dub and the Pioneer dub (the latter known as Akira: The Special Edition) and is shocked by the gore in both versions. The Shrug and Foghorn is used at Kaneda's line "Ah, don't make me laugh. Maybe when you've downed your first clown!" from the Streamline dub, which gets criticized A LOT. At the end, the Critic decides to keep both versions of the BluRay, citing that the Streamline dub at least gave her something to laugh at.

10 Top 11 Movies She Appeared In April 15, 2009 The Critic goes over her 11 best career moves.

11. Ouran High School Host Club (2008). The Critic mentions this as the first theatrically released fiction film ever to be entirely videotaped.
10. Hana-Kimi (or, For You in Full Blossom) (2008). The Critic refers to Mizuki's moment of punching Kagurazaka (Robert Knox) in the face while calling him a dick, as well as her biting resistance to her brother Shizuki's (Robert Pattinson) orders to come back to America as "Crowning Moments of Awesome".
9. Sailor Moon S (2006). The Critic mentions this as the first theatrically released fiction film ever to have Rupert Grint playing the part of a girl and comments on how good he looks "in a short-sleeved white leotard" and on the ease it gave him during key fight scenes, including when he has to roundhouse kick an enemy.
8. Utena (2007). The Critic comments on how she liked Utena's school uniform in the film, especially the black postman's hat.
7. Girls High (2009). The Critic comments on how the audience at Sundance 2009 was entertained by the gags and dramatic moments.
6. Lupin III: Seven Days Rhapsody (2006). Notable as the only animated entry on the list.
5. Amazing Agent Luna (2005). The Critic is wowed by the 3-D effects during fight scenes and admires the performances by Weird Al Yankovic and Kay Panabaker.
4. InuYasha (2004). The Critic is wowed by an attempt to confuse the American West with Edo period Japan, especially with the variations between costumes.
3. Yubisaki Milk Tea (2007). The Critic likes all the crossdressing scenes featuring Rupert Grint, calling him the best at crossdressing and saying, "Not even Divine or Eddie Izzard could top this performance!" She also says that she looks amazing wearing glasses as Minamo Kurokawa, even to the point of saying that she (the Critic) always wore glasses while at school.
2. The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya (2007). "In a way," the Critic says about her role in the film, "I'm God. I just don't know it yet." She also brings up the sole F-word of the film as presented in the unrated version, after which she says, "That's why the PMRC gave us the Parental Advisory label: to mark music and movies that are not for kids."
1. Sailor Moon (2003). The Critic comments on the fact that there are excess F-words and blood-and-gore moments despite the PG-13 rating. "In fact," she says, "Roger Ebert called it an R-rated movie disguised as a PG-13-rated movie." When a triumphant yet exhausted Sailor Moon dies at the end, the Critic asks, "Is it me, or have I been dying a lot recently?"

11 Lupin III: Movie 2 Streamline and Manga dub comparison April 16, 2009 Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro (1992, 2000).

The Critic lambasts the script changes in the Streamline dub (including a Goemon line that triggers a Shrug and Foghorn) and added profanity in the Manga dub but overall declares both dubs to be fine works of art. The "OF COURSE!" gag occurs when Count Cagliostro's conterfeiting scheme is uncovered by Lupin III and Inspector Zenigata after they escape from the dungeon. This is the second review where she rags on 2 Live Crew, shouting, "WHO DO THE WRITERS THINK THEY ARE, SPICING UP THE SCRIPT WITH SUCH LANGUAGE? 2 LIVE CREW?"

12 A history of PBS April 17, 2009 The Critic and her Cosplaying Assistant (the latter crossplaying as Sailor Uranus) go over a history of public television in the United States, including influential programs, the ident, the cable channel spinoffs, and the like.
13 CardCaptors review April 18, 2009 Cardcaptors (2000).

The Critic shows her contempt toward Nelvana for committing Macekre on an anime she helped out on, calling the dub "CardCraptors". Her rant about the dub is filled to the brim with four-letter words. When the first episode of the dub is displayed, she declares the order to be "out of whack" before attempting suicide by cyanide pill. She points out that the live-action chromakey footage used on the Streamline dub ("At least they did a better job at dubbing the series!") is superior to the animated Sakura produced using rotoscoping as seen in the original Japanese version and the Nelvana dub, as well as many other versions around the world. This is the third review where she rags on 2 Live Crew, saying after her rant, "Whoa, I'm beginning to sound like a certain group of dirty rappers who like to call themselves 2 Live Crew."

14 Ranma ½ review April 19, 2009 Ranma ½ (1989-1992).

The Critic compares the anime and the manga and starts noticing some discrepancies between the two; for example, the manga continues the story far longer than the anime does. She also notes that different dubs had different Ranmas. The first English Ranma was Mel Blanc, who "made Ranma sound like Bugs Bunny", while English Ranma 2, Jeff Bergman (who took over after Blanc's death after recording of the first 18 episodes), did much better trying to make Ranma sound like a normal teenager. Then Streamline's Ranma, Bob Bergen, was at best a "voice clone" of his Lupin III. Viz had two Ranmas: Sarah Strange, who made Ranma (and later Lupin III) sound younger than they really are (16 for Ranma and late 20's for Lupin III), and Richard Ian Cox, who perfectly captured Bergman's Ranma voice (and would later voice Lupin III as well after Strange left both shows). FUNimation had Jerry Jewell, ADV Films had Kevin Corn, AnimEigo had Robin Robertson, who like Bergen before him emulated his own Lupin voice, and Geneon (and later C2 Pictures after Geneon went under) had Johnny Yong Bosch, who like Cox before him perfectly captured Bergman's Ranma voice. She then decides the Mario Kassar-produced English dub is probably the best of the lot. The "Yes! YES!" gag occurs when the New Year bell starts ringing and Shampoo starts turning into a cat.

15 Pocket Monsters Sony/C2 dub review April 20, 2009 Pocket Monsters (2003-).

The Critic is put off by the fifteening that's going on, pointing out (and even playing!) a succession of clips of characters dropping the F-bomb. She says, "I know it's being broadcast on Adult Swim, but can't the writers tone down the harsh words? It's getting annoying every time I hear one of the travel party say the F-word at least once an episode on average!" However, she declares that in the end, the first season was good. The "OF COURSE!" gag occurs when Team Rocket announces that they want to steal Satoshi's Pikachu. The "Yes! YES!" gag occurs in the episode "Clefairy vs. Jigglypuff" when it seems as though Satoshi and Pikachu have been separated forever. However, just as the Critic expected, he does get his Pikachu back anyway. This is the fourth review where she rags on 2 Live Crew: "Watch out 2 Live Crew, here comes a montage of swearing that'll knock your fucking socks off!"

16 Robotech review April 27, 2009 Robotech (1985).

The Critic calls the series the worst compiling of three unrelated anime ever. She even goes as far as to pointing out the name changes, which are most blatant in Southern Cross, and even attempting to swallow a cyanide pill at the start of the review. She does admit to liking the anime used to make the series better than the series itself and that Robotech is a guilty pleasure. Any time a villain is introduced, the "OF COURSE!" gag is played straight.

17 Pretty Cure dub comparison part 1 May 4, 2009 Pretty Cure (2004-2005; 2009-).

The Critic compares the two English dubs of Pretty Cure: the first one by Urban Vision and Sky Quest Entertainment and the second one by FUNimation and Blue Water Studios. She declares the Urban Vision version to be the superior dub, given the FUNimation version's way of Americanizing things such as the names and food items. The Shrug and Foghorn is triggered at the mere mention of the word "donut". Episodes 1 to 5 are compared.

18 No-Show Critic May 11, 2009 The Critic explains her absence in the TGWTG 10th Anniversary Brawl in that she was busy preparing her own surprise: a video game review, to be presented in the next video.

Note: In reality, Emma and Rupert each filmed a scene in which their characters get killed by the Angry Video Game Nerd, but both scenes were cut.

19 Super Mario Bros. 2 review May 23, 2009 Super Mario Bros. 2 Video Game.

The Critic, who crossplays as the Angry Video Game Nerd, is shocked at how similar the game is to the original Super Mario Bros. video game. She proceeds to note the differences, including Luigi being more distinct from Mario for the first time and the introduction of a Poison Mushroom, which "kills you when you're little and shrinks you when you're Super". The fake difficulty is also commented upon, as is the fact that the Koopas at the end of each world, save for World 8, are actually decoys that take the form of a common Mario enemy when killed with Fireballs. At the end of the review, she says that she and the Nerd have buried the hatchet ever since she and her Cosplaying Assistant got killed by being thrown down a staircase.

20 Top 11 PBS television programs June 1, 2009 The Critic goes over her 11 favorite PBS TV shows.

11. Sailor Moon (1992-1997).
10. Mister Rogers' Neighborhood (1968-2001).
9. Reading Rainbow (1983-2006).
8. Lupin III (1971-1985).
7. Urusei Yatsura (1981-1986).
6. Shining Time Station (1989-1997).
5. Where in Time is Carmen Sandiego (1996-1998).
4. Barney and Friends (1992-).
3. Masterpiece Theatre (1971-).
2. Sesame Street (1969-).
1. Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego (1991-1996).

21 Voltron review June 9, 2009 Voltron (1984-1985).

The Critic comments on B.J. Ward being a bunny girl before getting her big break in voice acting and complains about her character Princess Alura not wearing the bunny girl costume. She's amazed that the 5-man band is played straight on the show and is upset when in one episode Alura winds up on the receiving end of a protector's sexism. The scene itself results in a Shrug and Foghorn.

22 Urusei Yatsura review June 15, 2009 Urusei Yatsura (1981-1986).

The Critic is amazed at the effort Mamoru Oshii and his successor put into directing the series and applauds the voice acting for the English dub. For example, she marvels at how Liam Neeson is still able to use his Lupin III voice on Ataru Moroboshi even into 1991, as the last movie was made when he was nearing his 40s. The "OR DO THEY!?" gag occurs at the end of the final episode, and the Critic comments on how various OVAs follow the later chapters of the manga, though the anime is still incomplete.

23 The Slayers review June 22, 2009 The Slayers (1995-1997; 2008-2009).

The Critic mentions the long gap between seasons 3 and 4 and that seasons 4 and 5 were half as long as the other seasons. She applauds the efforts of B.J. Ward as Lina Inverse and Corey Burton as Gourry Gabriev and notes that the voice acting makes it sound like the original seiyuu dubbed their own voices. At the end of the review, the Angry Video Game Nerd shows up and tells the viewers that he himself is a fan of The Slayers and even watched the first three seasons of the live adaptation on NBC, leading the Critic to ask if that was random, to which the Nerd says "yes". Then she asks if he's going to appear randomly to promote her works again, to which the Nerd says "no". She then declares the broadcast signal intrusion to be a Big Lipped Alligator Moment. Despite the randomness, she still manages to say her catchphrase at the end.

24 Appleseed review June 29, 2009 Appleseed (2004).

The Critic is amused by all the fighting going on early in the film and is amazed she was able to emulate it perfectly in the 2008 live-action remake. She then talks about the complicated plot by the Elders to wipe out all human existence before the Earth could be destroyed again, starting with the attack on the bioroid care center, which wiped out both the third-generation bioroids and all original DNA for life-extension and forced Athena to hire ESWAT to find the Appleseed, the data necessary to preserve bioroid life by permanently extending their life cycles, and eventually revealing that the Elders were behind all this. The "OF COURSE!" gag occurs twice, first when General Edward Uranus III tells Deunan Knute of the Regular Army's plan to rid the world of bioroids, and finally when an Elder tells Deunan the true nature of the virus on D-Tank. The "Yes! YES!" gag occurs when three of the mobile fortresses close in on D-Tank.

25 Pretty Cure dub comparison part 2 July 6, 2009 Pretty Cure (2004-2005; 2009-).

The Critic continues to compare the two English dubs of Pretty Cure and judges the Urban Vision dub to be superior again. Episodes 6 to 11 are compared.

26 Take That, Warner Bros.! July 13, 2009 The Critic, assisted by Kay Panabaker, taunts Warner Bros. after their upcoming CGI film was preceded in the premiere screening that Kay attended by a preview of Pretty Cure Splash Star that rips off that film's trailer that ripped off the Pretty Cure Max Heart trailer.
27 The Watchmen review July 20, 2009 The Watchmen (1987-1988).

The Critic and her Cosplaying Assistant (the latter cosplaying as Silk Spectre II), in honor of Watchmen's home video release, to take place the day after the review is released, review the first adaptation of the famous graphic novel and enjoy it. They even compliment the English dub, with the Cosplaying Assistant naming all six of the English-dubbed voices (Clint Eastwood as Rorschach, Mickey Rourke as Nite Owl II, Emily Watson, not to be confused with the Critic, as Silk Spectre II, David Prowse as Dr. Manhattan, Mark Hamill as Ozymandias, and Christopher Lee as The Comedian) and the Critic herself judging the voice acting to be on par. First video on the site to be taped in 3-D.

28 Nurse Angel Ririka SOS review July 27, 2009 Nurse Angel Ririka SOS (1995-1996).

The Critic is amazed at how dark the anime is and comments on the silent first few minutes of the first episode. In the end, she declares the anime to be underrated.

29 Plan 9 From Outer Space review August 3, 2009 Plan 9 From Outer Space (1959).

The Critic reviews a live-action movie for the first time and tears it a new one. At the end of the review, though, she says she likes watching it for its "so bad it's good" quality.

30 Top 11 3-D classics August 10, 2009 The Critic goes over her 11 favorite 3-D classics from the '50s to the '80s. Taped in 3-D.

11. Bwana Devil (1952).
10. Friday the 13th Part III (1982).
9. Comin' At Ya! (1981).
8. House of Wax (1953).
7. Treasure of the Four Crowns (1982).
6. Jaws 3 (1983).
5. Amityville 3-D (1982).
4. Man in the Dark (1953).
3. Hondo (1953).
2. Dial M For Murder (1954).
1. Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954).

31 InuYasha review August 17, 2009 InuYasha (2000-2004).

The Critic assumes that the show will be a comedy in the vein of other Rumiko Takahashi major projects and is thus shocked when she learns that the anime is much darker than the other two Takahashi anime she reviewed.

32 Sakura Taisen review August 24, 2009 Sakura Taisen (1997-2007).

The Critic and her Cosplaying Assistant (the latter cosplaying as Sumire Kanzaki) take a look at Sakura Taisen and its many spinoffs and compare their strengths and weaknesses.

33 Pretty Cure dub comparison part 3 August 31, 2009 Pretty Cure (2004-2005; 2009-).

The Critic continues to compare the two English dubs of Pretty Cure and judges the Urban Vision dub to be superior again. Episodes 12 to 21 are compared.

34 The New Cutey Honey review September 7, 2009 The New Cutey Honey (1994).

The Critic is overwhelmed by the plot and is left speechless. After the review ends and the credits are shown, she pops back out and says "The New Cutey Honey was... I MEAN DAMN!"

35 Ultra Maniac review September 14, 2009 Ultra Maniac (2006).

The Critic takes note of the clever use of episode titles and the new characters, including a new rival to Nina Sakura.

36 A history of 3-D movies September 21, 2009 The Critic and her Cosplaying Assistant (the latter cosplaying as Puni Puni Poemy) go over how 3-D movies got their start, the '50s and '80s 3-D crazes, the anime presented in 3-D in IMAX theatres (later films were presented in true IMAX 3-D), the conversions of many motion pictures to 3-D since The Terminator, and the current 3-D era, which includes Real D, Dolby 3-D, and XpanD.
37 Skip-Beat! review September 28, 2009 Skip-Beat! (2009).

The Critic is amazed by the series in general as well as Kyoko Mogami's perseverance and wishes the series could have gone on longer.

38 Pretty Cure dub comparison part 4 October 5, 2009 Pretty Cure (2004-2005; 2009-).

The Critic continues to compare the two English dubs of Pretty Cure and judges the Urban Vision dub to be superior again. Episodes 22 to 26 are compared.

39 Penguin Musume review October 12, 2009 Penguin Musume (2008).

The Critic generally finds the premise to be funny and was in for a shock when the Black Rose revealed herself to be Penguin's mother.

40 Top 11 concert films October 19, 2009 The Critic goes over her 11 favorite concert films. Certain segments are taped in 3-D.

11. Live Intrusion by Slayer.
10. Live at Donington by AC/DC.
9. The Song Remains the Same by Led Zeppelin.
8. The Last Waltz by The Band.
7. U2 3D by U2.
6. Jonas Brothers: The 3D Concert Experience by Jonas Brothers.
5. Gimme Shelter by The Rolling Stones.
4. Use Your Illusion World Tour 1992 in Tokyo by Guns N Roses.
3. Still Reigning by Slayer.
2. Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert by Hannah Montana.
1. Woodstock.

41 Negima! review October 26, 2009 Negima! (2005).

The Critic praises it for mostly following the storyline and completely breaks down when Asuna Kagurazaka dies but is relieved to find out that she was brought back at the very end, when her contract with the demon king was permanently terminated. The "Of course!" gag is used when the reason why Asuna had died is revealed.

42 Negima!? review November 2, 2009 Negima!? (2006).

The Critic chews it out for being deviant TONS MORE from the manga than the previous series was. Plenty of opportunities are taken to activate the Shrug and Foghorn.

43 Haruhi Suzumiya review part 2 November 9, 2009 Haruhi Suzumiya renewal (2009).

The Critic and her Cosplaying Assistant (the former crossplaying as Haruki from The Genderbending of Haruhi Suzumiya, and the latter crossplaying as Haruhi herself) tear the renewal a new one, especially due to the combination of 8 episodes of Shrug-and-Foghorn-inducing Endless Eight and the 5 episodes it took to complete The Sigh of Haruhi Suzumiya preventing Kyoto Animation from fulfilling their promise to adapt The Disappearence of Haruhi Suzumiya, but are relieved to find that Disappearence is going to be adapted anyway--as a major motion picture, which SOS Productions will faithfully dub.

44 Azumanga Daioh November 16, 2009 Azumanga Daioh (2002).

The Critic finds the premise of the series to be "downright hilarious" and names dozens of "Crowning Moments of Funny". When something as silly as the show is funny occurs, the Shrug and Foghorn is activated.

45 Twilight November 23, 2009 Twilight (2008).

The Critic reviews Twilight "only because New Moon had premiered the previous weekend" and finds Robert Pattinson to be a hottie, going so far as to purchase photos of him in drag from his sisters. She then proceeds to say, "He doesn't do it as much as Rupert, and he certainly doesn't do it better than Rupert, but at least he's as convincing as Rupert." She ends the review with a photo of Robert dressed as Claudia (which she says is his stage name for when he plays a girl in films such as Shuffle!, based on the name assigned to him by his sisters).

46 Crying Freeman November 30, 2009 Crying Freeman (1988-1994).

The Critic is utterly shocked by the amount of sex and violence in the film and remarks that Freeman looks a lot like Sylvester Stallone from back when he debuted as a nude man who doesn't have sex.

47 Lucky Star December 7, 2009 Lucky Star (2007).

The Critic is amazed that someone could make an anime that matches Seinfeld at being a show about nothing and is good at it. The Shrug and Foghorn occurs at several points in the review, when the show gets as silly as being about nothing is funny.

48 Those Who Hunt Elves December 14, 2009 Those Who Hunt Elves (1996-1998).

The Critic is shocked at all the gratuitous perversions in the name of going back home. She says her personal favorite out of the gang is "that chick with the gun", who she'll portray in the upcoming motion picture from Disney and Paramount.

49 Burn Up! December 21, 2009 Burn Up! (1991).

The Critic can't believe young patrol officers are using themselves as bait for an operation that violates the 13th Amendment. She's even more shocked when one of them actually falls victim to the slave traders. This is the first review where Ronald McDonald appears when she says "Magumbo".

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